Clinical evaluation definition

Clinical evaluation means a systematic and planned process to continuously generate, collect, analyse and assess the clinical data pertaining to a device in order to verify the safety and performance, including clinical benefits, of the device when used as intended by the manufacturer;
Clinical evaluation means a diagnosis and treatment plan formulated for an individual patient by a dentist.
Clinical evaluation means the assessment and analysis of clinical data pertaining to a device in order to verify the safety and performance of the device when used as intended by the manufacturer;

Examples of Clinical evaluation in a sentence

  • Clinical evaluation tools shall be correlated with level and/or course objectives and shall include a minimum of a formative and a summative evaluation for each clinical in the curriculum.

  • Clinical evaluation at the organ transplant hospital just prior to the scheduled organ transplant.

  • Clinical evaluation of the use of the M2A patency capsule system before a capsule endoscopy procedure, in patients with known or suspected intestinal stenosis.

  • Clinical evaluation of a microwave device for treating axillary hyperhidrosis.

  • Clinical evaluation of fiber-reinforced epoxy resin posts and cast post and cores.

More Definitions of Clinical evaluation

Clinical evaluation means a dental examination of a patient named in a complaint regarding the patient's dental condition as it exists at the time the examination is performed.
Clinical evaluation means a written assessment and report by a
Clinical evaluation means an assessment of a person's physical and/or mental health condition conducted by licensed health personnel operating within recognized scope of practice specific to their profession and authorized by a supervising physician or psychiatrist.
Clinical evaluation means an examination performed by a medical practitioner on the body of an individual for the presence of disease or injury to the body, and review of any laboratory test results for the individual.
Clinical evaluation means a diagnostic service provided by a dentist that includes a complete intra- and extra-oral inspection, may include other modalities of examination to identify signs of oral or systemic disease, malformation, or injury, and may include the completion of diagnosis and treatment planning to determine the treatment needs of an individual patient.
Clinical evaluation means an examination of the body of an individual and review of the individual’s laboratory test results to determine the presence or absence of a medical condition that may be related to a birth defect.
Clinical evaluation means a standardized clinical protocol used by an independent examiner to determine whether a child or youth meets the requirements established by the Department for admission to a secure child care facility (seeSection 411.110(b)). This protocol shall assess the following items: the child’s or youth’s presenting problems within the context of his or her current treatment plan; the child’s or youth’s mental status and psychiatric diagnosis; the child’s or youth’s risk of harm to self and/or others; and the appropriateness of both less and more restrictive treatment and placements (i.e., non-secure placements and psychiatric care).