Medical evaluation definition

Medical evaluation means the process of assessing an individual's health status that includes a medical history and a physical examination of an individual conducted by a licensed medical practitioner operating within the scope of his license.
Medical evaluation means the examination of the body by the school medical inspector or by any physician licensed to practice medicine.
Medical evaluation means an evaluation and

Examples of Medical evaluation in a sentence

  • Section 23.5 Following is the position to be taken regarding the option of obtaining an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME).

  • The assessment tool, which may include but not be limited to, a Functional Capacity Evaluation, Independent Medical Evaluation, and/or Cognitive Testing, will be determined by CenturyLink Disability Services or its designee based on the employee’s condition and diagnosis.

  • Eligibility for a Medical Evaluation will be determined through a scoring algorithm and “cut scores” established by the Medical Science Committee.

  • VA will: 1) Maintain those components of the VA Compensation and Pension examination system necessary to ensure objective assessment of disabilities of Service Members identified by Military Health System (MHS) personnel as requiring a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) as part of the DES.

  • Superintendent of Documents, Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.APPENDIX 3‌UM MEDICAL EVALUATION OF FITNESS FOR SCUBA DIVING REPORT Name of Applicant: Date of Medical Evaluation: (Print or Type) (Month/Day/Year)To The Examining Physician: Scientific divers require periodic scuba diving medical examinations to assess their fitness to engage in diving with self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba).

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Medical evaluation means the examination described in Section IV(B)(5) to be provided to Qualifying Class Members.
Medical evaluation means an evaluation and consultation by a
Medical evaluation means a professional-level physical and health evaluation for all children who are suspected victims of child abuse who suffered physical injuries as result of the abuse, assault, neglect or maltreatment. A skilled medical provider, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) representative, hospital staff, or other clinical care facility personnel shall conduct the actual medical evaluation.
Medical evaluation means obtaining a patient's medical history, performing a physical examination of a patient's body, and conducting laboratory tests as provided in R9-10- 1508.
Medical evaluation means an evaluation and consultation
Medical evaluation means the examination of the body by the school medical
Medical evaluation means a written statement, signed by a licensed physician, licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches by the Department of Professional Regulation pursuant to the Medical Practice Act of 1987 [225 ILCS 60], which states that the patient's hearing loss has been medically evaluated and the patient is considered a candidate for a hearing instrument. The medical evaluation must have taken place within 6 months immediately preceding the date of the sale of the hearing instrument to the prospective hearing instrument user. (Section 4 of the Act)