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Our. The company obligated under this Agreement is 4warranty Corporation, 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx., Xxxx. 000, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx 00000 (800) 867-2216), in all states except in Florida and Oklahoma where it is XXXXXX SOUTHERN INSURANCE COMPANY, 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx., Xxxx. 000, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 (800) 888-2738, Florida License No. 03698 and Oklahoma License No. 864264, and in Wisconsin where it is The Service Doc Inc., 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx., Xxxx. 000, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 (800) 888-2738.
Our is to be construed accordingly and “we” and “us” mean and include the Village Xxxx’x xxxxxxx trustees, employees, volunteers, agents and invitees
Our mean Comenity Bank and any successor or assigns. "You" and "Your" mean each person who submits an application or solicitation for an Account with us. "Account" means your credit card account with us. "Card" means each credit card we issue for your Account, as applicable. "Credit Plan" means one or more payment program options Bealls Outlet may ask us to offer from time to time. Upholding your AgreementYou agree to the terms of this Agreement, and promise to do everything required of you. If you sign or submit an application or solicitation to obtain credit from us, you’ll be legally bound by this Agreement. You’re also legally bound if you sign a charge slip, or permit someone else to use the credit provided. • You agree that the credit extended under your Account will be used only for personal, family or household purposes and not for business or commercial purpose. • If the Account is a joint Account, you and the joint Account holder will be bound by this Agreement. Each of you will be jointly and individually responsible for repaying all amounts due. If more than one person is responsible for this Account, we will only provide billing statements and communications to one of you. • Any authorized user of your Account will be bound by the terms of this Agreement. One additional Card may be issued with the individual name of an authorized user embossed on the Card. If you want to revoke the use of your Account by an authorized user, either write us at the address, or call us at the phone number, shown on your Statement. • You agree to pay for all transactions made on your Account by an authorized user, whether or not such transactions were authorized by you or made for your benefit. Card signature (as applicable) For your own protection, please sign your Card before using it. Keep in mind that your signature on the Card isn’t a prerequisite to your obligation to pay amounts incurred on your Account. Using your Account • Your Account may be used to make purchases from Bealls Outlet and other retailers we may determine occasionally by notifying you via electronic mail, statement message, website posting, or other method. • We reserve the right to not honor transactions related to, including, but not limited to, gambling, ATM usage at casinos, and illegal activities. Making payments • Pay your Account by sending a check, money order, or cashier’s check payable in U.S. dollars, to the name and address shown on your Statement specified for payments. Please d...

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Our means Credit Union.
Our. “We” or “Us” means the Washington State Health Insurance Pool.
Our. / “we” / “us” means SSE Energy Supply Limited for electricity and Southern Electric Gas Limited for gas and/or our permitted successors and/or assignees;
Our. / “we” / “us” means OVO Electricity Limited for electricity and OVO (S) Gas Limited for gas and/or our permitted successors and/or assignees
Our means the Company. "You" or "your" means the Owner of this Contract.
Our and “Us” have a corresponding meaning.
Our. “we” means the Landlord. “Working Day” does not include Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.