Clients definition

Clients means the Janus Funds and other individual and institutional advisory clients of Janus.
Clients means advisory Clients of Davis Advisors.
Clients means those persons who, at any time during the Executive's course of employment with the Company (including, without limitation, prior to the date of this Agreement) are or were clients or customers of the Company or any affiliate thereof or any predecessor of any of the foregoing.

Examples of Clients in a sentence

  • If the TIN, ITIN or GII is not known, the instructions must include an equivalent identifying number of the Clients or Accounts or other agreed upon information to which the instruction relates.

  • The primary objective of the Company is to provide safe, efficient and highly productive labour and services to its Clients.

  • Clients may transfer Client Digital Assets directly to the Omnibus Hot Wallet or Omnibus Cold Wallet, the instructions for which are available on the Coinbase Prime Broker Site.

  • Participant holds a position of trust and confidence within Federated (as hereafter defined), and Federated has entrusted and will continue to entrust Participant with its trade secrets and confidential, proprietary business information and knowledge about and relationships with Federated employees and Federated Clients (as hereafter defined).

  • The Investor Clients or Investors will be the beneficial owners of, and have good and marketable title to, the Acquired Investor Sxxxxx and Pxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx and/or Bulldog Investors will have investment and voting discretion over such Acquired Investor Shares as of 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on October 30, 2023.

More Definitions of Clients

Clients means persons who may use the CTA Provider’s computers and/or other digital technology that is supported through public funding provided pursuant to this Deed, and includes but is not limited to, the CTA Provider, the CTA Provider’s staff and the public, whether they be adult or Children.
Clients and "customers" include, but are not limited to, depositors and commercial loan customers.
Clients means any person or entity to which the Company provides or has provided within a period of one (1) year prior to the Executive's termination of employment labor, materials or services for the furtherance of such entity's or person's business or any person or entity that within such period of one (1) year the Company has pursued or communicated with for the purpose of obtaining business for the Company.
Clients means the Janus Funds, investment companies for which Janus serves as subadviser, and other advisory Clients.
Clients means the Janus Funds, shareholders of the Janus Funds and investment companies for which Janus serves as subadviser.
Clients means the specific Client by which the Company is contracted to manage Construction, Installation and/or Maintenance work on their behalf.
Clients means any Person, which does business with the Company or has requested or received a proposal to do business with the Company