You/Your definition

You/Your means the person who owns or leases the Covered Equipment and any person to whom the Policy is transferred pursuant to clause 11.
You/Your means any Empire Plan enrollee covered by this Program and any dependent member of an enrollee’s family who is also covered. Enrollee and dependent are defined in your NYSHIP General Information Book. Where this Certificate refers to “you” making the call to obtain network coverage, “you”/“your” can also mean a member of your family or household.How to Receive Benefits for Mental Health and Substance Abuse CareThe Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program has two levels of benefits: network coverage and non-network coverage.Network CoverageUsing a network provider offers you the highest benefit level under The Empire Plan.
You/Your means the owner of the Plan Device under this Service Contract.

Examples of You/Your in a sentence

  • You/Your: The person or company named on the certificate of motor insurance policy who has paid the appropriate premium for this policy.

More Definitions of You/Your

You/Your means the person/people named as Applicants in the Application.
You/Your means a Standard Bank customer who holds a Primary Account (in his or her individual capacity) and has registered as a member of the UCount Rewards programme.
You/Your means the account/policy holder(s) whose details are set out in the LOA and who have appointed TCG to act on their behalf and also includes an Executor(s) or Administrator(s) of a Deceased Person’s Estate.
You/Your meansthe company, employees and senior executive officers solely acting in the normal course of your business operations. EXCLUSIONS We will not make any payment under this Policy: EXCLUSIONS RELATING TO SYSTEM DAMAGE AND BUSINESS INTERRUPTIONIn respect of INSURING CLAUSE 3 only: 1. Business interruption liabilityfor that part of any claim that constitutes actual or alleged liability to a third party, or legal costs in the defense of any claim, including customer compensation.EXCLUSIONS RELATING TO ALL INSURING CLAUSES 2. AntitrustIn respect of INSURING CLAUSES 5 and 6, for or arising out of any actual or alleged antitrust violation, restraint of trade, unfair competition, false, deceptive or unfair trade practices, violation of consumer protection laws or false or deceptive advertising.3. Associated companies
You/Your means the person who is responsible as the primary user of the Vehicle. For example, the individual who privately purchases and owns the Vehicle, the individual leaseholder under a contract hire agreement in respect of the Vehicle, the authorised user of an employer’s Vehicle, the individual to whom a rental Vehicle is provided by a rental company, or the individual to whom a Vehicle is made available by us or our authorised retailers on a temporary loan basis.
You/Your means the Applicant Member Company or Individual Cardholder.
You/Your means the person making the booking and all members of their party excluding children under 18. Where there is more than one person, each is fully responsible for the obligations in these Terms and Conditions.