Notice of Acceptance definition

Notice of Acceptance means the written notification and any accompanying documentation sent to the Contractor by the Principal advising acceptance of the Tenderer’s Tender to purchase and remove the Goods.

Examples of Notice of Acceptance in a sentence

  • Separate Performance Bond and Payment Bond forms shall be provided with Notice of Acceptance.

  • Upon successful completion of the work correction, DISTRICT will rescind the non-compliance with a written Notice of Acceptance which shall be signed by both parties.SUPPLIER shall bear costs of correcting such rejected work, including additional testing and inspections and any compensation for the services and expenses made necessary thereby.

  • Following further correspondence between the Tribunal administration and the Applicant’s representatives a legal member of the Tribunal with delegated powers by Notice of Acceptance dated 12 November 2021 accepted the application and a Case Management Discussion (“CMD”) was assigned.

  • Successful applicants receive an Award Letter outlining any outstanding terms and conditions of funding.AcceptanceOnce an offer has been made, successful applicants must accept the grant by signing the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) form provided on the SHRF RMS, constituting an acceptance of the terms and conditions for funding.

  • If the H–2B application and job order meet all applicable requirements, the CO will issue a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) within 7 business days from the date the H–2B application was received.

More Definitions of Notice of Acceptance

Notice of Acceptance has the meaning set forth in Section 4.15(b).
Notice of Acceptance means formal notice by KDOT to a Contractor that the Contractor has completed all physical work on the Project and that the Contractor is relieved of responsibility to perform physical construction on the Project (except construction arising out of any breach of warranty, breach of guaranty, latent defects, fraud or misrepresentation discovered after acceptance), repair damages to the Project caused by Acts of God or third parties, and maintain the Project.
Notice of Acceptance means a written notice from a Purchaser to the Company containing the information specified in Section 3.1(b).
Notice of Acceptance shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.2(b)(i).
Notice of Acceptance shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(c) hereof. Offer shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(b) hereof. Offered Securities shall mean, except for Excluded Securities, (i) any shares of Common Stock, Preferred Stock or any other equity security of the Corporation, (ii) any debt security, (iii) any capitalized lease with any equity feature with respect to the Corporation, or (iv) any option, warrant or other right to subscribe for, purchase or otherwise acquire any such equity security, debt security or capitalized lease. Option Shares shall mean the 2003 Plan Option Shares as defined in Section 5.2(a)(i)(3) of the Stock Purchase Agreement. Other Preferred Stockholder shall mean any holder of shares of Series A-2 Preferred Stock, Series A-3 Preferred Stock, Series A-4 Preferred Stock, Series A-5 Preferred Stock or Series A-6 Preferred Stock.
Notice of Acceptance shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 4.18(a)(iii).
Notice of Acceptance shall have the meaning assigned to that term in Section 6.02.