MPR definition

MPR means the report published by the Department for Transport in May 2006.
MPR means the market price referent applicable to this Agreement as determined by the CPUC in accordance with California Public Utilities Code Section 399.15(c) for the Term as set forth in Section 6.2.
MPR means the document, proposed by LONZA and approved by PROTEON, that defines the manufacturing methods, test methods, specifications, materials, and other procedures, directions and controls associated with the manufacture and testing of Drug Substance. The Master Production Record shall also include or incorporate by reference, without limitation, such information as Materials Specifications, in process and final Drug Substance sampling standards, equipment and instrumentation specifications and standard operating procedures, including, without limitation, standard operating procedures for in-process quality control testing.

Examples of MPR in a sentence

  • The HOR convention used in the calculation of an MPR is one-half of the disbursement period plus the entire repayment period and assumes a regular export credit repayment profile, i.e. repayment in equal semi-annual instalments of principal plus accrued interest beginning six months after the starting point of credit.

  • The Participants shall charge no less than the applicable Minimum Premium Rate (MPR) for Credit Risk.

  • The Participant choosing to apply an MPR associated with a third party guarantor located in a country other than that of the obligor shall give prior notification according to Article 47.

  • The Participant applying an MPR reflecting the use of country risk mitigation shall give prior notification according to Article 47.

  • The $/MWh portion of the contract price that exceeds the MPR, multiplied by the expected generation throughout the contract term, represents the total AMFs for a given PPA.

More Definitions of MPR

MPR means the Material Pricing Report commissioned by the Waste and Resources Action Programme and published by Materials Recycling Week (or any substitute publication) or failing such publication or in the event of a fundamental change to the report, such other source of relevant data as the parties may agree, or, in the event that no such agreement is reached, as may be determined in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Procedure;
MPR or “Minimum Purchase Requirement” means the percentage of the Total Contract Quantity of Product that Buyer agrees to take and pay for, or pay for, if not taken, during the Term of this Contract. For purposes of this Contract, the MPR shall be ( ** ) percent (** %).
MPR has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
MPR means applicable APR divided by 12.
MPR means Minera Plata Real S. de R.L. de C.V.