KPI definition

Examples of KPI in a sentence

  • For any met or completed objective, also note whether they were completed by the project completion date of the objective and/or KPI and within budget.

  • The CIP program opened the door for me, and I want to open it for others.8.1 Develop People continuedKPIEmployee TurnoverGlobal WorkforceWe created a KPI for employee retention in 2002.

  • Service Level Agreement(SLA)and Penalties Key Performance Indicator (KPI): SLA is defined as under:3.1 Repeat fault- Fault booked for a connection, more than once in a calendar month will be counted as repeat fault.

  • More importantly, we wanted our new KPI to reflect the actual impact of injuries on our business— time lost rather than simply the number of injuries.WELLNESSIn 2008, UPS provided health benefits for more than 725,000 employees, retirees, and their depen- dents.

  • Please note that this metric is currently strongly correlated with our KPI “Aviation Gallons Burned per 100 Available Ton Miles” later in this section.

More Definitions of KPI

KPI means the key performance indicators specified in Annex 5 (Key Performance Indicators);
KPI means the indicators described in Framework Schedule 7 (Key Performance Indicators) used to monitor the supplier performance;
KPI means the key performance indicators specified in the Specification; “LAA Data” means:
KPI means Key Performance Indicator(s) that are metrics used to quantify the performance of the Provider and monitor the Providers’ adherence to the Service Level Agreement(s).