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  • The Road Transport Sector Reform Contract provides a platform to engage in a dialogue with the beneficiary country on road sector-specific issues covering the whole range of key performance indicators (KPI) of the sector.

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KPI means Key Performance Indicator as set out in the Contract/Agreement, its schedules/annexures etc. The performance of the Manpower employed by the Contractor for execution of Services shall be measured through KPI. The payment to Contractor shall be based on Manpower’s performance as measured through KPI. It includes metrics in numerical, frequency and measuring process. Total manpower shall be monitored & calculated skill wise but it will be cumulative on monthly basis
KPI means the key performance indicators specified in Annex 5 (Key Performance Indicators);
KPI means the key performance indicators as defined and set out in Schedule 2;
KPI means the indicators described in Framework Schedule 7 (Key Performance Indicators) used to monitor the supplier performance;