Incorporate by reference definition

Incorporate by reference means to make one message a part of another message by identifying the message to be incorporated and expressing the intention that it be incorporated.
Incorporate by reference means that the required information is not actually set forth in the document but instead it contains a cross reference to some other SEC filing by the company that contains (or will contain) the required information. 1 HAROLD S. BLOOMENTHAL & SAMUEL WOLFF, SECURITIES LAW HANDBOOK § 3:73 (2015).
Incorporate by reference means to make one message

Examples of Incorporate by reference in a sentence

Incorporate by reference and indicate whether or not existing agency plans have been updated to reflect EO 13514.

Incorporate by reference and indicate whether or not existing agency plans have been or will be updated to reflect EO13514.

Incorporate by reference into Utah’s water quality standards all approved TMDLs within 120 days after the notification of approval by EPA.

Incorporate by reference any previous transfer memos that may be particularly helpful to the next student attorney.

Incorporate by reference the definitions for a section of federal regulations that are already incorporated into Wisconsin code related to baiting migratory game birds.

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Incorporate by reference means to make [one (1)] message a part
Incorporate by reference means to make one message a part
Incorporate by reference means to make one message a part of

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Terms of Reference (TOR) means the document included in the RFP which explains the objectives, scope of work, activities, tasks to be performed, respective responsibilities of the Client and the Tenderer(s), and expected results and deliverables of the assignment.
Reference means the statute, court decision, or other provision of law that the district implements, interprets, or makes specific by adopting, amending, or repealing a regulation.” H&SC Section 40727(b)(6)
Gender identity or expression means a person's gender-related identity, appearance or behavior, whether or not that gender-related identity, appearance or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person's physiology or assigned sex at birth, which gender-related identity can be shown by providing evidence including, but not limited to, medical history, care or treatment of the gender-related identity, consistent and uniform assertion of the gender-related identity or any other evidence that the gender-related identity is sincerely held, part of a person's core identity or not being asserted for an improper purpose.
Standard reference compendia means the United States pharmacopoeia drug information, the American Hospital formulary service drug information, or the American Medical Association drug evaluation or other sources that We deem credible.
Miscellaneous unit means a hazardous waste management unit where hazardous waste is treated, stored, or disposed of and that is not a container, tank, surface impoundment, pile, land treatment unit, landfill, incinerator, boiler, industrial furnace, underground injection well with appropriate technical standards under 40 CFR Part 146, containment building, corrective action management unit, or unit eligible for a research, development, and demonstration permit under § 270.65, or staging pile.
Original Reference Rate means the originally-specified benchmark or screen rate (as applicable) used to determine the Rate of Interest (or any component part thereof) on the Notes.
Miscellaneous Proceeds means any compensation, settlement, award of damages, or proceeds paid by any third party (other than insurance proceeds paid under the coverages described in Section 5) for: (i) damage to, or destruction of, the Property; (ii) condemnation or other taking of all or any part of the Property; (iii) conveyance in lieu of condemnation; or (iv) misrepresentations of, or omissions as to, the value and/or condition of the Property.
Articles means these articles of association of the Company.
General Conditions means the “International Development Association General Conditions for Credits and Grants”, dated July 1, 2005 (as amended through October 15, 2006).
the book of reference means the book of reference certified by the Secretary of State as the book of reference for the purposes of this Order;