Catalog definition

Catalog means the available list of tangible personal property or services, in the most current listing, regardless of date, during the life of the contract, that takes the form of a catalog, price list, schedule, shelf price or other form that:
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Catalog means a printed and bound, stitched, sewed, or stapled book containing a list and description of property or ser- vices for sale, regardless of whether a price is specified.
Catalog means a systematized list whose sole purpose is to feature descriptions of items for sale.

Examples of Catalog in a sentence

If known, enter the full Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number for grants, cooperative agreements, loans, and loan commitments.

For the schedule of events of particular interest to graduate students, consult the academic calendars at the Office of the University Registrar ( The University Catalog contains information about admission requirements, placement tests, transfer of credit, readmission, online/ self-paced/part-time studies, and summer orientation sessions.Undergraduate students.

PNB will, on a promotion basis, issue a Rewards Catalog which will establish the number of Rewards Points required for a Cardholder to redeem any Rewards.

GENERAL INFORMATIONMuskegon Community College Catalog Academic Dismissal – Students placed on academic probation for two consecutive semesters may be dismissed from the College for one semester.

Rewards can only be redeemed in accordance with the current Rewards Catalog.

More Definitions of Catalog

Catalog means any medium by which the Contractor publicly announces terms and conditions for enrollment in the Contractor's institution, including tuition and fees to be charged. This includes “bulletin,” “announcement,” or any other similar word the Contractor may use.
Catalog means Spiegel Catalog, Inc.
Catalog means any document that describes Company Products that are generally available for sale through normal distribution channels.
Catalog means a multi-page solicitation in which a seller offers goods for sale or rental for a seasonal or specified period of time, from which consumers can order goods directly without going to the seller’s place of business. An advertising circular, distributed through inclusion in a newspaper, representing a seller’s partial offering of goods for sale or rental for a period of time not to exceed two weeks, shall not be considered a catalog.
Catalog means a booklet which must be given to each student prior to classes beginning and must be presented at the time the student signs the enrollment contract. Each catalog should be dated upon publication and revision. The catalog should contain at a minimum, a history of the truck driver training school, list of owners, officers, or directors, including addresses, licensing authority, compliant procedures, class start and stop times, attendance and disciplinary rules, course outlines, cost of training, books, supplies, fees, and all other charges the student would be expected to bear, minimum entrance requirements, graduation requirements, refund policy, placement policy, procedures for providing CDL test services.
Catalog means printed material, including material disseminated over the Internet, which contains the terms of sale, retail price, and instructions for ordering, from which a retail consumer can order a covered product.
Catalog means the booklet in which these Conditions of Sale appear, as may be amended by the printed Saleroom Notices or any other published or posted notices or any verbal announcements during the Sale.