HSP definition

HSP means HUB Subcontracting Plan, as outlined by Chapter 2161 of the Texas Government Code.

Examples of HSP in a sentence

  • For the purposes of this Agreement, actions taken or not taken by the subcontractor, and Services provided by the subcontractor, will be deemed actions taken or not taken by the HSP, and Services provided by the HSP.

  • Materials that are prepared by the HSP in order to fulfil its reporting obligations under this Agreement are not included in the term “publication”.

  • The HSP acknowledges that the timely provision of accurate information related to the HSP, and its performance of its obligations under this Agreement, is under the HSP’s control.

  • The HSP will engage the community of diverse persons and entities in the area where it provides health services when setting priorities for the delivery of health services and when developing plans for submission to the LHIN including but not limited to CAPS and integration proposals.

  • To assist the HSP in its collaborative efforts with the LHIN, the LHIN will share each relevant Mandate Letter with the HSP.

More Definitions of HSP

HSP means HUB subcontracting plan, as described in Chapter 2161 of the Texas Government Code.
HSP s Personnel and Volunteers” means the Controlling Shareholders (if any), directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers and other representatives of the HSP. In addition to the foregoing HSP’s Personnel and Volunteers shall include the contractors and subcontractors and their respective shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers or other representatives.
HSP means a HUB Subcontracting Plan.(b) HUB Requirements.(1) In accordance with Attachment B-1, Section, the MCO must submit an HSP for HHSC’s approval during the Transition Phase, and maintain the HSP thereafter.(2) MCO must report to HHSC’s contract manager and HUB Office monthly, in the format required by Chapter of the UMCM, its use of HUB subcontractors to fulfill the subcontracting opportunities identified in the HSP.
HSP means HUB Subcontracting Plan, as described in Texas Government Code Chapter 2161, Subchapter F and related provisions of the Texas Administrative Code.
HSP is not responsible for the cost of any building or zoning permits necessary to perform repairs or replacements. Homeowner agrees to obtain any required permits. Cost of necessary building or zoning permits are the responsibility of the Homeowner. “HSP” will not be responsible for replacement service when permits cannot be obtained. “HSP” will not repair or replace any appliance, component, or system that is working as intended. Further, “HSP” will not repair or replace any appliance, component or system that is not working that was incorrectly installed, was not being used as intended or was installed in a location where it was not intended for normal and customary use. Items classified by manufacturer as “commercial”, “commercial-grade”, or “professional” are excluded from warranty coverage. “HSP” reserves the right to offer payment via check in lieu of repair or replacement. In such cases, the amount of the payment shall be equal to “HSP’s” actual cost to repair the item or an amount in accordance with the coverage allowed in the aggregate for a component or appliance. This amount is established and is at the sole discretion of “HSP”. Replacement of a covered item is at the sole discretion of “HSP”. In such cases when an appliance or component has to be replaced the payout towards a component or actual replacement based on the base model or builder standard that meets all applicable federally mandated minimal manufacturer standards, that has the same functions and performances as the item/s being replaced and falls within the aggregate maximum coverage. When replacing a component, “HSP” will make reasonable effort to replace the item with similar style material, type or brand. “HSP” will be responsible for costs associated with the replacement item/s and the work associated with making those replacements. Any replacements offered will have to fall within the maximum aggregate coverage. Payment will be made based on “HSP’s” negotiated rates with suppliers, which may be less than retail, minus any diagnostic fees previously incurred by “HSP”. In regards to appliances, “HSP” will not consider any failures that do not contribute to the appliance’s primary function including without limitation. For example: TV’s or radios in the kitchen refrigerator, a timer on an oven. Should a single component of a multi-feature appliance (including but not limited, double wall ovens, microwave/range combination) qualify for payout towards replacement, “HSP” will determine ...