Definition of PPM

PPM means parts per million and is one way of expressing the concentration of a chemical in water. At small concentrations generally used, ppm is synonymous with "mg/l" (milligrams per liter).
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PPM means the Confidential Offering Memorandum, dated December 23, 2009, of the Operating Partnership, as supplemented on February 16, 2010.
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PPM means the public performance measure;

Examples of PPM in a sentence

The Bank must prove the arithmetic accuracy of the amount of interest to be paid by the Trust to the Debt Unit holders by referring to the PPM Supplement dated Date XX, 20XX.
The PPM is not legally binding and does not create a contract of employment, either expressed or implied.
Modification, suspension, interpretation or cancelation of any provisions to the Civilian/Sworn PPM shall be in accordance with City Code.
For purposes of this paragraph, MFS Clients include clients of PPM Sponsors and exclude PPM Sponsors themselves.
The formation transactions described in the PPM shall have occurred or be scheduled to occur contemporaneously with the Closing hereunder.

More definitions of PPM

PPM means WisJOBS policies and procedures manual.

PPM means parts per million
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PPM means PPM America Private Equity Fund LP.
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PPM means parts per million; "Precious metals" means gold, platinum, silver and palladium;
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PPM means print per minute.
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PPM means the private placement memorandum of IX Energy Holdings, Inc. (including all exhibits and supplements thereto), dated [________], 2008;
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