Definition of PPC

PPC means Pierce Production Company Limited a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with company registration number 3492253 whose registered office is at 400 Capability Green, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3L, England;
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PPC means Paramount Petroleum Corporation.
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PPC means the Privileges and Procedures Committee established by standing orders;
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Examples of PPC in a sentence

Each of CEIC, OEC and PPC is a subsidiary (direct or indirect) of FirstEnergy Corp., an Ohio corporation ("FE"), (each such subsidiary, an "FE Subsidiary" and collectively the "FE Subsidiaries").
PRIOR PERIOD See "PRIOR PERIOD COVERAGE." PRIOR PERIOD COVERAGE (PPC) The period of time prior to the member's enrollment, during which a member is eligible for covered services.
Splitting claims for the purpose of separating PPC from prospective enrollment is not permitted.
With respect to the adjustable rate Mortgage Loans, 100% of the prepayment assumption (the "ARM PPC") describes prepayments starting at 6% CPR in month 1, increasing by approximately 1.2941% CPR per month to 28% CPR in month 18, and remaining at 28% CPR thereafter.
Prior Period Coverage Reinsurance: PPC expenses are not covered for any members under the reinsurance program unless they qualify under transplant reinsurance.

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PPC means Pan Pacific Copper Co., Ltd.
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PPC means Port Protection Codes;
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PPC means Peterson Pacific Corp., an Oregon corporation.
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