meter installation definition

meter installation means with respect to each Offtake Point, the meter and associated equipment installed or to be installed at each Site, including associated pipework, regulator filters, valve seals, housing and mounting.

Examples of meter installation in a sentence

  • Approval of Amendment #10 to Resolution #106-9-17-19-1, AMI Water Meter Installation between the City of Fort Wayne and Itron.

  • Project cost All costs related to the provision of gas connection from the Transporter’s gas pipeline network to the GSIV, including the Meter Installation (where applicable).

More Definitions of meter installation

meter installation means any meter and its associated equipment and installation, including any associated pipework, filter, valve, pressure regulating equipment, seal, housing, mounting, telemetry equipment, gas chromatograph and flow computer;
meter installation means an instrument installed at the premises by us for the measuring of the volume of gas passing through a pipe and includes a consumer meter and a sub-meter.
meter installation means the Meter and all associated
meter installation means the Meter and structures, lines, appliances, devices and associated equipment and installations installed or to be installed at the Premises and connected or to be connected directly or indirectly to the Distribution System including any electrical cables, wires and plant, electrical lines, seals, housings, mountings and earthing equipment and data processing and communications equipment, smart and advanced meters and associated equipment and devices.
meter installation means the meter and, if so equipped, the instrument transformers, wiring, test links, fuses, lamps, loss of potential alarms, meters, data recorders, telecommunication equipment and spin-off data facilities installed to measure power past a meter point, provide remote access to the metered data and monitor the condition of the installed equipment, whether or not such equipment is located in the immediate vicinity of the meter and includes, where applicable, a Socket- Mounted Collector or a Pole-Mounted Collector (as those terms are defined in Hydro One’s Conditions of Service document), and including all other equipment required for the Meter Installation;