electrical installation definition

electrical installation means an electrical installation as defined in the Regulations;
electrical installation means any machinery, in or on any premises, used for the transmission of electricity from a point of control to a point of consumption anywhere on the premises, including any article forming part of such an electrical installation irrespective of whether or not it is part of the electrical circuit.
electrical installation means a fixed installation or other similar functional unit consisting of electrical equipment and any other equipment, materials and structures, including electricity generation installations that can be used for generating electricity and that operate in parallel with the distribution network.

Examples of electrical installation in a sentence

  • Payment of fees for annual inspection of Electrical installation from 2002 to 2007 Rs.38,69,415.00 vide Treasury Challan Dtd.

  • Electrical installation must be in accordance with the appendix “Electrical connection diagrams” for the appropriate motor sizes.

  • Electrical installation work or maintenance work or any other purpose under Govt./Semi-Govt./Urban Local Body in last 05 (Five)* years in its own style of business as a prime contractor.

More Definitions of electrical installation

electrical installation means: all Fittings that form part of a system for conveying electricity at any point from the Customer's Point of Connection to any point from which electricity conveyed through that system may be consumed; and includes any Fittings that are used, or designed or intended for use, by any person, in or in connection with the generation of electricity for that person's use and not for supply to any other person; but does not include any appliance that uses, or is designed or intended to use, electricity, whether or not it also uses, or is designed or intended to use, any other form of energy;
electrical installation means the entire electrical installation on a customer’s premises, including all material, equipment and appliances used or intended to be used for or in connection with the provision of electricity to the customer’s premises, but does not include the metering installation or controlling devices or any part of the connection installed by a licensee;
electrical installation means any appliance, wire, fitting or other apparatus placed in, on, over or under any premises and used for or for purposes incidental to the conveyance, control or use of electricity supplied or intended to be supplied by an electricity licensee or any other person, and includes a supply installation and any addition, alteration, and repair to an electrical installation, but does not include —
electrical installation means any electrical equipment at a customer’s supply address that is connected to, but not a part of, a distribution system.
electrical installation means fixed electrical cables or fixed electrical equipment located on the consumer’s side of the electricity supply meter;