Definition of Telemetry Equipment

Telemetry Equipment means the assets, identified by Transmission Owner, that are required to provide the necessary, real-time telemetry of Unit operations and status, as required by Transmission Owner, for remote monitoring and control purposes. This typically includes but is not limited to, remote terminal units, distributed terminal units, telemetry signal inputs, fiber optic communication connections, transducers, pulse multipliers, isolation amplifiers, analog inputs, digital inputs, metering pulsed accumulator inputs, power supply, dedicated telephone data line to remote terminal units, telephone modem, telephone switching, interface terminal strips for landing signal inputs/outputs. Telemetry Equipment may be located at Consumers' Unit and or at Transmission Owner's assets.
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Examples of Telemetry Equipment in a sentence

The Metering and Telemetry Equipment shall be of the type required to accurately measure, record and report the energy to provide the Buyer adequate Net Energy and Test Energy measurement data to administer this Agreement and to integrate the Facilitys energy into the Buyers electrical system.
Shell shall cause the Communications and Telemetry Equipment at the Plant to be programmed, operated and maintained.
The Buyer shall provide, install, and maintain Metering and Telemetry Equipment to be located at the Metering Point to accurately calculate the actual energy deliveries from the Seller to the Transmitting Entity at the Metering Point and provide continuous telemetry information from the Facility to the Buyer.
The Buyer shall inspect the Metering and Telemetry installations regularly and test meters on the applicable periodic test schedule relevant to the Metering and Telemetry Equipment installed.
To the extent necessary, Seller hereby grants to the Buyer for the Term of this Agreement all necessary rights-of-way and easements to install, operate, maintain, replace, and remove the Buyer's Metering and Telemetry Equipment, and other equipment and facilities necessary or useful to this Agreement, including adequate and continuing access rights on property of the Seller.