New installation definition

New installation means an installation, construction of which began after the effective date of any regulation having application to it.
New installation means the installation of systems, equipment, insulation, or other material on a ship after the date on which this Convention enters into force.
New installation means the installation of systems, equipment, insulation or other material on a ship after the date of application of this Regulation;

Examples of New installation in a sentence

  • New installation of motors of 50 horsepower or larger should be approved by the utility as to motor type, starting and protective equipment, and as to availability of an adequate power supply at the proposed location.

  • New installation to be completed within 15 days of the receipt of the work order failing which 10% penal charges per week from the work order will be levied and deducted from the bill.

  • New installation fee (1) The new installation fee is payable in respect of plumbing work for a new building, or an extension to an existing building, that will include at least one new fixture.

  • Consider the following examples of when to use performance and design specifications: • New installation, entire system provided by one vendor: Consider using performance-based specifications to allow the contractor to provide the system that provides best value to the Institution.

  • New installation or alteration of signs not necessary for the safe and efficient flow of traffic.

More Definitions of New installation

New installation means any installation which is not an existing installation.
New installation means any installation not classified as an existing installation by def- inition, or an existing conveyance moved to a new location subsequent to July 1, 2004.
New installation means the installation of systems, equipment, including new portable fire extinguishing units, insulation, or other material on a ship, but excludes repair or recharge of previously installed systems, equipment, insulation, or other material, and excludes recharge of portable fire extinguishing units;
New installation means a room, building, office, or facility newly built, or in which previously there has been no radiation machine.
New installation means a facility conveyance the
New installation means the fabrication and installation of any steam or hot water pressure piping that did not previously exist and is to be connected to a boiler or pressure vessel. This shall also apply to a previously existing system which relocated from one location to another such as from one building to another or from one plant to another. This chapter does not apply to repair or modifications of existing piping.