Chief Probation Officer definition

Chief Probation Officer. (i.e., CUSPO) means the individual appointed by the United States District Court to supervise the work of the court’s probation staff. For the purpose of the contract, the “Chief Probation Officer” acts as the contract administrator on behalf of the Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.
Chief Probation Officer means a probation officer designated to direct and supervise the work of the probation department.
Chief Probation Officer means the highest ranking field probation officer in each

Examples of Chief Probation Officer in a sentence

  • Direct the Chief Probation Officer, in consultation with the CEO, the Director of Personnel, and County Counsel, to report back in writing in 90 days with a strategic staffing plan, to be informed by the Probation staffing study, that focuses on placing the most experienced and qualified staff where they are most needed and fully relies on existing staff before seeking Board approval to hire additional staff.

  • The Executive Management Team shall consist of the Presiding Judge, the Vice Presiding Judge, Director of Court Services, Chief Probation Officer, Youth Services Bureau Executive Director and designees of the Presiding Judge.

  • The 8413/(8582 (SFERS) – Assistant Chief Probation Officer pay plan shall be the same as the 0953 – Deputy Director III classification.

  • Direct County Counsel, in consultation with the Chief Probation Officer, CEO, and DYD (to the extent allowed by law), to prepare an analysis for the Board, to be delivered in a confidential attorney-client protected format, of the County labor contract provisions that are not conducive to implementing the principles of Youth Justice Reimagined, effective management of the Probation Department, or the need to quickly adapt to the needs of the growing SYTF population.

  • The 8418/8586 (SFERS) – Chief Probation Officer, Juvenile Court pay plan shall be the same as the 0963 – Department Head III classification.

More Definitions of Chief Probation Officer

Chief Probation Officer means the person appointed under section
Chief Probation Officer. ’ means the probation officer
Chief Probation Officer means the person appointed to be the Chief Probation Officer under section 3;
Chief Probation Officer means the Chief Probation Officer referred to in Section 5(1)(a);
Chief Probation Officer means Head of the Department of Probation; “child” means a person under the age of eighteen years;
Chief Probation Officer means the person appointed as such under section 3;
Chief Probation Officer means a person appointed to be Chief Probation Officer under this Act;