Election Officer definition

Election Officer or "election official" means any of the following:
Election Officer means an election official under the Act;
Election Officer. – means the Chief Electoral Officer and any Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Deputy Returning Officer, and Poll Clerk appointed by them for a particular Election.

Examples of Election Officer in a sentence

  • The City acknowledges that this Interlocal Agreement relates to a municipal ballot and election and as required by state statute, the City Clerk/Recorder is the Election Officer.

  • ADMINISTRATOR is hereby appointed to serve as the CITY’S Election Officer and Early Voting Clerk to conduct the CITY’S November 7, 2023, election.

  • The LPS appoints the Hays County Elections Administrator to serve as the Election Officer (the “Officer”) in order to perform and supervise the duties and responsibilities of the Election Officer for any election from August 2023 through July 2024.

  • Election Day voting shall be held in approved vote centers where appropriate at the dates, times, and locations recommended by the Election Officer and authorized and ordered by the governing body of the LPS.

  • As CITY’S Election Officer and Early Voting Clerk, ADMINISTRATOR will coordinate, supervise, and conduct all aspects of administering voting in connection with the CITY’S November 7, 2023, election in compliance with all applicable law, as provided in Article III hereof.

More Definitions of Election Officer

Election Officer refers to the Travis County Clerk;
Election Officer means any person tasked with election administration within
Election Officer means an alumna/alumnus appointed by
Election Officer means the Chief Elections Officer and any officer subordinate to him and any other officer in the service of the Commission, including an officer appointed or designated as a registration officer, polling station officer, presiding officer and returning officer;
Election Officer means a person appointed by the Commission as—
Election Officer means an officer of the State Government who has been appointed as an Election Officer by the District Co-operative Election Officer at the direction of the Commission for a Co-operative Society or a class or classes of Co-operative Societies or for an area or areas in this behalf;
Election Officer means a member of the College appointed under these bylaws;