Interconnection definition

Interconnection means a connection between two or more individual Transmission Systems that normally operate in synchronism and have interconnecting intertie(s).
Interconnection means the physical and logical linking of public communications networks used by the same or a different undertaking in order to allow the users of one undertaking to communicate with users of the same or another undertaking, or to access services provided by another undertaking. Services may be provided by the parties involved or other parties who have access to the network. Interconnection is a specific type of access implemented between public network operators;

Examples of Interconnection in a sentence

  • Interconnection arrangements means arrangements governing the physical connection of two or more networks to allow the use of another's network to hand off traffic where it is ultimately delivered (e.g., connection of a customer of telephone provider A to a customer of telephone company B) or sharing data and other information resources.

  • TOP standards also require the TOP to operate within SOLs and Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits (IROL).

  • It is necessary for large numbers of PSS devices to be in operation in the Western Interconnection to provide the required system damping while still allowing for some of these units to be out of service whenever necessary.

  • The Interconnection charge of the end office Telephone Company will apply.

  • All proposed large generation interconnections (>20MW) must follow the NYISO Tariff OATT Attachment S and Attachment X for Large Facility Interconnection Procedures.

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Interconnection is As Defined in the Act.
Interconnection is as defined in the Act.
Interconnection means linking with suppliers providing public telecommunications networks or services in order to allow the users of one supplier to communicate with users of another supplier and to access services provided by another supplier;
Interconnection means a connection(s) between two or more individual Transmission Systems that have interconnecting Intertie(s).
Interconnection means commercial and technical arrangements under which IPTV Operator and ZEEL connect their equipment and networks to provide signals of Zee Group Channels to the subscribersInterconnection Agreement” means this Agreement for providing signals of Zee Group Channels.