Metering System definition

Metering System means all meters and metering devices (including current transformers and potential transformers) owned by the Company and used to measure Dependable Capacity and the delivery by the Company and receipt by BPDB of Net Energy Output;
Metering System bears the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 1 of the Power Purchase Agreement; “Month” means a calendar month according to the Gregorian calendar;
Metering System. All meters and metering devices used to measure the delivery and receipt of Net Energy Output and Dependable Capacity in accordance with this Agreement.

Examples of Metering System in a sentence

  • The Parties shall ensure the Metering System is designed, located, constructed, installed, owned, operated and maintained in accordance with the Interconnection Agreement and Prudent Operating Practices in order to measure and record the amount of Energy delivered from the Project to the Delivery Point.

  • Except in the event of a System Emergency or any order of a Governmental Authority, no one other than the Meter Owner shall make adjustments to the Metering System without the written consent of Meter Owner, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed.

  • If Buyer is the Meter Owner, then Seller, may, at its own cost, install additional meters or other such facilities, equipment or devices on Seller’s side of the Delivery Point as Seller deems necessary or appropriate to monitor the measurements of the Metering System; provided, however, that in all cases Buyer will be entitled to rely upon its own Metering System.

  • The Gas measurement shall include all corrections in installation practices recommended for accurate metering of Gas in accordance with American Gas Association (AGA) report number 3 and 8 for Orifice Metering System.

  • This Application is considered Step 3 and follows the successful completion of the 2 step Net Metering System Approval Application.

More Definitions of Metering System

Metering System. All meters and metering devices (including, if applicable, any remote terminal units and electronic data-recording and telemetry system) to be procured, installed and tested by the Seller and transferred to the Purchaser, and thereafter owned and maintained by the Purchaser and used to measure the Net Delivered Energy.
Metering System means a complete set of commissioned Metering Equipment installed to measure the volumes of input and output electricity at a particular location for the purposes of the CfD Settlement Activities;
Metering System means the meters and other applicable devices/instruments installed and used for measurement of Electricity, delivered from the Electricity generated by Units comprising the Facility, as per the specifications provided in Schedule C and shall comprise of the Main Meter and the Back Up Meter;
Metering System. “MSID”, “Registrant”, “Residual Cashflow Reallocation Cashflow”, “Settlement Run”, “Trading Dispute” and “Trading Unit” have the meanings given to such terms in the BSC, save that references to Metering Equipment within the definition ofMaterial Change” shall be replaced by references to Facility Metering Equipment.
Metering System means a metering system registered in CMRS in accordance with the provisions of the BSC, and relating to an Entry Point or an Exit Point.
Metering System means the Main Meter and the Check Meter and all associated equipment.
Metering System. All meters and metering devices owned by JPS and the Company and used to measure the delivery and receipt of energy and power demand of the Complex.