House Rules definition

House Rules means written and posted rules governing house activities in the AFH-DD. These rules may not conflict with the AFH Bill of Rights.
House Rules means the specific rules that are adopted by a facility licensee to govern the operation of a licensed facility and events, and which must comply with these policies;
House Rules means the rules supplemental to this Deed governing the Development or any part or parts thereof from time to time in force made pursuant to these presents;

Examples of House Rules in a sentence

  • Duty to Enforce House Rules and Standards of Conduct The Operator shall maintain civil standards of conduct and general observance of the Xxxxx Student Resident’s Handbook for the benefit of all residents of the Premises, the employees and the students of Xxxxx.

  • This is to ensure that the conduct of the table game(s) is proper and complies with the AGLC Terms and Conditions and Operating Guidelines and Baccarat Casino House Rules.

  • RESIDENT hereby acknowledges the following, which are incorporated into this Agreement: Information About Bed Bugs Pest Control/Bed Bug Addendum Mold Addendum Apartment Keys Flood Disclosure Addendum Move-in/Move-out Inspection Smoke Free Addendum Mailbox Keys Lead Based Paint Disclosure Pet Agreement/Comfort Animal Addendum Parking Agreement Common Area Keys House Rules Satellite Dish Addendum Other: Garage Remotes Pool Rules Smoke Detector Addendum Other: No oral agreements have been entered into.

More Definitions of House Rules

House Rules means a summary of the group home’s standards related to resident conduct, responsibilities, expecta- tions, and daily activities.
House Rules means the rules (including the Club Rules) supplemental to this Deed governing the Development or any part or parts thereof from time to time in force made in accordance with this Deed which shall not be inconsistent with or contravene this Deed, the Building Management Ordinance or the Government Grant;
House Rules means those facility policies, requirements, or procedures by which household members, staff, and visitors are expected to comply with, such as smoking areas, meal times, etc.
House Rules means the rules set out in the FOURTH SCHEDULE HERETO supplemental to this Deed governing the Estate or any part or parts thereof and all additions or amendments thereto from time to time in force made pursuant to this Deed;
House Rules means the rules governing the operation of a bingo Event, adopted specifically by a Facility Licensee, and which must be consistent with these Policies.
House Rules means the house rules applicable to all tenants and their visitors as amended from time to time and thereafter published on the Landlord’s website;
House Rules means the written standards governing house activities developed by the provider and approved by the Division. These standards may not conflict with the AFH Bill of Rights or other individual rights set out by these rules.