Exchange Rules definition

Exchange Rules means the listing rules of The OTC Marketplace.
Exchange Rules means the listing rules of The OTCQB Marketplace.
Exchange Rules means the charter or other organizational or governance document or listing or other requirements of the applicable national securities exchange or market on which SGRP's stock is listed or quoted, currently Nasdaq, or any other applicable self-regulatory or governing body or organization, and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, as the same may be adopted, supplemented, modified, amended or restated from time to time or any corresponding or succeeding law or provision.

Examples of Exchange Rules in a sentence

  • The Broker shall provide a written confirmation of the executed transactions as required under rule 4(4) of the Securities & Exchange Rules, 1971, and all such transactions recorded by the Broker in his books shall be conclusive and binding upon the Account Holder(s), which shall not be questioned by him/her/them, subject to clause 5 below.

More Definitions of Exchange Rules

Exchange Rules shall have the same meaning as set forth in Section 3(a)(27) of the Act.
Exchange Rules means the listing rules of The Nasdaq Stock Market.
Exchange Rules. ’ means the rules made by a licensed exchange in accordance with this Act;
Exchange Rules means the rules or regulations of Nasdaq or any other principal securities market upon which the Common Stock of the Company is or becomes traded.
Exchange Rules means the rules and policies of the Exchange, as amended from time to time.
Exchange Rules means, collectively, the Rules of the Exchange as