Definition of PPB Rules

PPB Rules means the rules of the Procurement Policy Board as set forth in Title 9 of the Rules of the City of New York ("RCNY"), SS 1-01 et seq.

Examples of PPB Rules in a sentence

A decision in favor of the Contractor shall be subject to the prompt payment provisions of the PPB Rules.
The Commissioner, after declaring the Contractor in default, may have the services under the Agreement completed by such means and in such manner, by contract with or without public letting, or otherwise, as he or she may deem advisable in accordance with applicable PPB Rules.
In the event of a conflict between the PPB Rules and a provision of this Agreement, the PPB Rules shall take precedence.
Determination of interest due will be made in accordance with the PPB Rules and the applicable rate of interest shall be the rate in effect at the time of payment.
A copy of the PPB Rules may be obtained by contacting the PPB at (212) 788-7820.