Licensed facility definition

Licensed facility means a facility licensed by the department under section 137 or an adult foster care facility.
Licensed facility means a hospital, ambulatory surgical center, or mobile surgical facility licensed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. See chapter 395, Fla. Stat.
Licensed facility means any of Netlocate, BT Locate, Co-location or Access Locate, depending upon the allowable equipment and usage detailed in the Agreements referred to above; “Local Access” Service in relation to Broadcast Access Service starts from the End User Site and terminates in the serving BT Local Exchange;

Examples of Licensed facility in a sentence

  • Please note that as a Licensed facility we are Governed by & Strictly adhere to Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), therefore Dubbo Rhino Lodge reserves the right to refuse service to or ask guests to leave should this action be deemed necessary.

More Definitions of Licensed facility

Licensed facility means any facility owned by or operated on behalf of an Authorized User.
Licensed facility means any premises, building, or part of a building licensed under section 4713.41 of the Revised Code in which the practice of one or more branches of cosmetology services are authorized by the state cosmetology and barber board to be performed.
Licensed facility means the facility that an AGLC licensed Class E Manufacturer or Small Manufacturer operates and has legal control of, for the purpose of manufacturing liquor;
Licensed facility means a facility licensed by the
Licensed facility means a facility licensed in accordance with s. 383.305.
Licensed facility means a facility in which bingo Events may be conducted.
Licensed facility means any facility associated with a farmed cervid license.