Gateway Site definition

Gateway Site means the real property upon which the Gateway Project is located as described on Schedule 5.10(a)(ii).
Gateway Site means the website or webpage located on the internet at via which Users gain access to the E Procurement Portal;
Gateway Site means a Web site, not wholly controlled by a Third-party Ad Service that provides information about and a link to the Third-party Ad Service. For example, the privacy policy of a First-party Web site might disclose that it uses unnamed Third- party Ad Services. Along with the disclosure, the First-party Web site might provide the User with a link to a Gateway Site that offers information about and links to many Third-party Ad Services. The Network Advertising Initiative’s Web site at is an example of a Gateway Site.

Examples of Gateway Site in a sentence

On 8 May 2009 planning permission was granted subject to conditions and a s.106 agreement for the comprehensive mixed use redevelopment of the Lewisham Gateway Site for up to 100,000 m2 comprising retail (A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5), offices (B1), hotel (C1), residential (C3), education/health (D1) and leisure (D2) with parking and associated infrastructure, as well as open space and water features.

Henderson Nursing Education Fund William Thomas Bigbie Charitable Trust Note: Charitable gifts can be made to the above funds at any time.Hospice in Memory of...

B/LM 1.8 Promote a landmark development to create a welcoming entrance into the City of Milton at the Gateway Site (shown in Figure LU-1) and other appropriate entryway sites into the community.Pol.

For more information on Gateway Program Semester Site-Director Travel Allowances, see Supplemental Appointment Statement provided to and signed by the Gateway Site Director.

Choose the following options from the ISSI Gateway Configuration menu and configure each option as appropriate for your deployment:– IPICS/P25 Gateway Site ID—6 hex value of the proxy unit ID for multicast communications.

The site is also a nominated Gateway Site in the Watling Chase Community Forest.

Plan 713 (Green Hill Homes Ltd.)Passed 28 January 20202020-08Assume Streets for New England Village Subdivision (Gateway Site Plan)- Village Gate Drive Passed 28 January 20202020-09Agreement with N.

Users may not develop, distribute or use any device to breach or overcome the security measures of the Gateway Site or the E Procurement Portal.

Key area objectives are:  Improving links across the policy area toward the Lewisham Gateway Site, Lewisham Interchange and the River Ravensbourne.

Although no events are expected at South Mimms, it is considered to be a Gateway Site as it provides information and interpretation of the Community Forest; allows the use of the existing natural area at Wash Lane Common; and is a rest and refreshment facility for those using non-motorised transport in the adjacent off-road network.

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Network has the meaning ascribed to it in Part A of the Network Code;
Digital network means any online-enabled technology application service, website or system offered or utilized by a transportation network company that enables the prearrangement of rides with transportation network company drivers.
Data Center means the location where the production instance of the Cloud Service is hosted for the Customer in its region, as published at: company/policies/data-privacy-and-security/location-of-data-center.html or notified to Customer or otherwise agreed in an Order Form.
Firefighter means a volunteer firefighter or a permanent salaried professional member of any fire department within the State of Oklahoma; and
Customer Equipment means the Customer's computer hardware, not including stored data, and other tangible equipment placed by Customer in the Customer Area. The Customer Equipment shall be identified on Exodus' standard customer equipment list completed and delivered by Customer to Exodus, as amended in writing from time to time by Customer.
Micro wireless facility means a small cell facility that is not larger in dimension than 24 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 12 inches in height and that has an exterior antenna, if any, not longer than 11 inches.