Firefighter definition

Firefighter means any regular, paid or volunteer, member of a lawfully constituted fire department of a municipal corporation, township, fire district, or village.
Firefighter means a member of an organized fire department, including a volunteer member or a member paid on call, who is responsible for, or is in a capacity that includes responsibility for, the extinguishment of fires, the directing of the extinguishment of fires, the prevention and detection of fires, and the enforcement of the general fire laws of this state. Firefighter does not include a person whose job description, duties, or responsibilities do not include direct involvement in fire suppression.
Firefighter means an employee the duties of whose position includes work

Examples of Firefighter in a sentence

  • The Firefighter probationary period shall be twelve (12) months starting after the successful completion of a recruit fire academy.

  • Training Allowance: The parties agree that participation in this training program is voluntary and provides participants with off-duty training in a new skill for their benefit in potentially becoming a Firefighter Paramedic.

  • Upon satisfactory completion of the Firefighter probationary period of the training, the Firefighter shall be eligible for regularly scheduled salary step increases and seek Engineer certification.

  • To the extent this section is not in compliance with the governing statutory structure comprising the Firefighter Bill of Rights, the employee may elect an alternative formal appeal procedure for a disciplinary action involving discharge, demotion, suspension, or written reprimand.

  • Qualified Firefighter Engineers or Firefighters may serve as Acting Adjutants when needed.

More Definitions of Firefighter

Firefighter means any employee engaged in the performance of work directly connected with the control and extinguishment of fires or the maintenance and use of firefighting apparatus and equipment; and
Firefighter means a participating member who is employed as a firefighter by a
Firefighter means a firefighter, whether paid or volunteer, of a lawfully constituted fire department.
Firefighter means an employee whose primary occupation with an employer as defined by Section 59-1302(16), Idaho Code, is that of preventing and extinguishing fires. A firefighter member for retirement purposes is an employee appointed to the position of fire chief by a city council but not eligible to be a “paid firefighter,” or the chief fire warden of a timber protective association, or is an employee of either the department of lands or of a timber protective association whose primary position and principal accountability in that position either requires direct supervision of employees engaged in the prevention, presuppression and suppression of wild land fires or requires the performance of those duties as the principal function of the position. A firefighter member for retirement purposes does not include an employee who may be required on occasion to engage in those functions as a secondary requirement of the position.
Firefighter means a person who is: (A) Employed by any city, county, township or other political subdivision of the state and who is assigned to the fire department thereof and engaged in the fighting and extinguishment of fires and the protection of life and property therefrom; or (B) a volunteer member of a fire district, fire department or fire company.
Firefighter means a person employed as a full-paid or part-paid firefighter by an employer.
Firefighter means either a permanent firefighter or a retained firefighter as defined in this clause.