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Foreman means a skilled person employed to supervise personnel who work in the
Foreman means a baker who has charge of the work and of one or more workers, including apprentices, in the bakehouse. Where an employer is himself substantially engaged in doing the actual work of an operative baker and also exercising supervision of the work in the bakehouse, he may be classed as a foreman, but not otherwise.
Foreman means a skilled person employed to supervise personnel who work in the areas of repair and maintenance of school property and equipment;

Examples of Foreman in a sentence

  • Review, at least annually, the company's EEO policy and affirmative action obligations under these specifications with all employees having any responsibility for hiring, assignment, layoff, termination or other employment decisions including specific review of these items with on-site supervisory personnel such as Superintendents, General Foreman, etc., prior to the initiation of construction work at any job site.

  • Pipe installations within jurisdictional areasIf a Level I Certified Installer is not onsite, the Contractor may substitute a Level II Foreman for a Level I Installer, provided the Level II Foreman is not tasked to another crew requiring Level II Foreman oversight.

  • Lozano R, Naghavi M, Foreman K, Lim S, Shibuya K, Aboyans V, et al.

  • During CONTRACTOR’S supervisory engineer absence during working hours, if unavoidable, and also beyond working hours, when it may be necessary to give directions, orders may be given by the ENGINEER / GIPCL and shall be received and obeyed by the CONTRACTOR’S superintendent or Foreman who may have charge of the particular part of the work in reference to which orders are given.

  • Roll call vote: Carnahan – Yes, Foreman – Yes, Rivera – Yes, Miller – Yes, Sharpe – Yes, Parker – Yes, Niemeyer – Yes.

More Definitions of Foreman

Foreman means the person who under the chit agreement is responsible for the conduct of the chit and includes any person discharging the functions of the chit and includes any person discharging the functions of the foreman under section 39;
Foreman means an employee appointed as such by the employer or his representative to direct and/or supervise the work of other employees and/or is responsible for the requisition of materials, keeping times, setting out work and/or estimating.
Foreman means an employee, appointed as a foreman or sub-foreman who is responsible for the supervision of employees on one or more sites and who performs one or more of the following duties:
Foreman. / "Foremen" means an employee of the Contractor who supervises the work of others or an employee with highly specific trade knowledge or a complex trade specialty that productively works by him/herself.
Foreman means a person who under the chit or kuri agreement or any other scheme or arrangement is responsible for the conduct of the chit or kuri or such scheme or arrangement;
Foreman means an employee who is in charge of the employees in a factory, and who exercises control over such employees and who is charged with the responsibility for engaging or terminating the employment of such employees, and who s responsible for the efficient performance by them of their duties;
Foreman means a skilled person employed to