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  • The “Tower” is located on Apron III on the east side of the airport and the controllers oversee aircraft and vehicular movement on the airfield from here.

  • Fuel tankers are prohibited from travelling within 15 m (50 ft) of any building.• Never leave a fuel truck unattended on Apron IV.Vehicle FuelingAll companies that fuel equipment in airside areas must be licensed by the Airport Authority to do so.

  • See attached plan: Apron Detail at Drainage Outfall, Travis Park Phase 1C, RFI# 45 REV 1, dated January 15, 2021 by Mitchell & Morgan.End of notes REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI)To: Clay CunninghamCORE Construction111 University Dr. E, #150 College Station, TX.

  • Apron IV is an uncontrolled apron – the movement of vehicles and aircraft is not managed by Air Traffic Control Services.

  • This sign indicates you are on Taxiway “Alpha” and Apron IV is ahead to your left.

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apron means an area of airfield infrastructure which is typically adjacent to an airport terminal and is used for aircraft manoeuvring and parking but is separate from the runway and taxiway system.
apron means that part of a port or airport prescribed by the Customs Regulations for the loading and unloading of goods and the embarkation or disembarkation of passengers;
apron means that portion of the "Driveway Approach" extending from the gutter flow line or curb cut to the property line and / or sidewalk.
apron means an all-weather surface for parking aircraft at the Airport;
apron means an artificially surfaced area of ground designed and used for the parking and storage of aircraft at an airport.