Service Agreements Sample Clauses

Service Agreements. Manager shall negotiate and execute on behalf of Owner such agreements which Manager deems necessary or advisable for the furnishing of utilities, services, concessions and supplies, for the maintenance, repair and operation of the Property and such other agreements which may benefit the Property or be incidental to the matters for which Manager is responsible hereunder.
Service Agreements. BMO may in its discretion from time to time enter into agreements with the Borrower or any other Company in respect of cash management, payroll or other banking services (collectively, "Service Agreements"). The Borrower hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless BMO in respect of all losses which it may suffer in respect of the failure of any Company to observe and perform its obligations under any Service Agreement, and for all purposes of this Agreement such Service Agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into between BMO and the Borrower. The Borrower agrees to pay to BMO (for its own account) fees in respect of Service Agreements as they may agree in writing from time to time.
Service Agreements. All Building Systems, including HVAC, elevators, main electrical, plumbing and fire/life-safety systems, shall be maintained and repaired by Tenant (i) in a commercially reasonable first-class condition, (ii) in accordance with any applicable manufacturer specifications relating to any particular component of such Building Systems, (iii) in accordance with Applicable Laws. Tenant shall contract with a qualified, experienced professional third party service company to perform its maintenance and repair obligations hereunder with respect to the HVAC systems (which shall provide for and include, without limitation, replacement of filters, oiling and lubricating of machinery, parts replacement, adjustment of drive belts, oil changes and other preventive maintenance, including annual maintenance of duct work, interior unit drains and caulking of sheet metal, and recaulking of jacks and vents on an annual basis), the building fire/life-safety systems and the electrical and plumbing systems (a “Service Contract”). Tenant shall deliver full and complete copies of all such Service Contracts to Landlord within thirty (30) days after the effective date of such Service Contract. In addition, Tenant shall regularly, in accordance with commercially reasonable standards, generate and maintain preventive maintenance records relating to each Building’s mechanical and main electrical systems, including life safety, elevators and the central plant (“Preventative Maintenance Records”). In addition, upon Landlord’s request, Tenant shall deliver a copy of all current Service Agreements to Landlord and/or a copy of the Preventative Maintenance Records.
Service Agreements. All right, title and interest of Seller in and to all service agreements ("SERVICE AGREEMENTS") relating to the Property, or any part of the same and described in Exhibit "C" attached hereto.
Service Agreements. The Distributor shall have the right to enter into Service Agreements with selling dealers and banks or other financial institutions to provide shareholder services to the Class A, Class B Class C, Class J, Class P, Class S, Class R-1, Class R-2, Class R-3, Class R-4, Class R-5, and Institutional Class shareholders, including without limitation, services such as furnishing information as to the status of shareholder accounts, responding to telephone and written inquiries of shareholders, and assisting shareholders with tax information, provided that the Fund shall approve the form of Service Agreement.
Service Agreements. The Company is not a party to any written employment or service agreement with any Employee requiring the giving of more than three months notice to the employee which has not been fairly disclosed to the Buyer.
Service Agreements. The Trustees may in their discretion from time to time approve service agreements with respect to one or more Series or Classes of Shares whereby the other parties to such service agreements will provide or arrange for the provision of distribution, administration and/or support services pursuant to distribution, authorized dealer service, administration, service or similar plans, including without limitation plans subject to Rule 12b-1 under the 1940 Act, and all upon such terms and conditions as the Trustees in their discretion may determine.
Service Agreements. Other than those which are cancelable on 30 days' notice without payment of any fees, there are no service agreements or contracts ("Service Agreements") or other agreements (other than as expressly set forth in this Agreement) relating to the Property which will be in force on the Closing Date, except as described in Exhibit "H" attached hereto and made a part hereof, and Seller is not in monetary default or material non-monetary default thereunder that remains uncured. (e)
Service Agreements. No Service Agreement to which the Borrower or any Subsidiary is a party, nor any of the transactions contemplated thereunder, violates any applicable Requirement of Law (i) relating to the eligibility of a Managed Practice to enter into or participate in any Third Party Payor Arrangement or otherwise applicable to such Managed Practice as a result of such participation, (ii) relating to any License or Reimbursement Approval of a Managed Practice required in connection with any Third Party Payor Arrangement in which it participates, or (iii) relating to the practice of medicine or the sharing of fees in connection therewith, except in each case under (i), (ii) and (iii) above for such violations as would not, individually or in the aggregate, be reasonably likely to have a Material Adverse Effect.
Service Agreements. Support Services and the Configuration and Deployment Services are subject to the additional terms contained in the applicable Service Agreement(s). If there is a conflict between the terms of this Schedule, the General Terms of the OTS, and any Service Agreements(s), the following order of precedence will apply: (i) the Service Agreement(s); (ii) this Schedule; and (iii) the General Terms.