Qualified business definition

Qualified business means a for-profit business that obtains services relating to that business from 30 or fewer employees or employees of independent contractors performing services substantially similar to employees during a random week in the year ending on the tax day. If a person is a unified business group as that term is defined in section 117 of the Michigan business tax act, 2007 PA 36, MCL 208.1117, the number of employees from whom services are obtained includes all employees of the unitary business group and employees of independent contractors of the unitary business group rendering services to the qualified business.
Qualified business means an eligible business that:
Qualified business means a business entity located in this state.

Examples of Qualified business in a sentence

  • Subject always to these terms, this shall not affect any Qualified Business Meeting Reward or Referral Reward which becomes due before such withdrawal or amendment is made.

  • In its operation of the Property and the Qualified Business, Business agrees not to violate applicable laws regarding discrimination against any person or class of persons by reason of gender, marital status, race, color, creed, mental or physical disability, religion, age, ancestry, or national origin or other class protected by such laws.

  • In consideration of Business's compliance with Section 5 below in each full or partial Fiscal Year during the Term (as defined in Section 4 below), the City shall make payments to Business twice a year (i.e. once every six months) as described in Section 4 below in an amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of the total Sales Tax generated by the Qualified Business and received by the City.

  • Qualified Business" shall mean the operation on approximately 10 (ten) acres of the Property of a retail furniture store, and create approximately 75 FTE jobs.

  • Sales Tax" means, for each Quarter during the term of the City's payment obligations hereunder, that portion of base sales taxes actually received by the City from the imposition of the Xxxxxxx-Xxxx Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax Law (commencing with Section 7200 of the California Revenue & Taxation Code) and Chapter 3.08 (Sections 3.08.010 et seq.) of the Manteca Municipal Code, as reported to the California State Board of Equalization from the operation of the Qualified Business on the Property.

More Definitions of Qualified business

Qualified business means a registered business that:
Qualified business means a seed or early stage business that is domiciled in this state, that has its corporate headquarters in this state, or the majority of whose employees work a majority of their time at a site located in this state.
Qualified business means the same as specified in Section 8070, except that, together with affiliates, the Qualified Business may have 750 or fewer employees.
Qualified business means either of the following, as applicable:
Qualified business means a business that:
Qualified business means any entity eligible under section Health and Safety Code section 44559.1(i) and (m) that together with its affiliates has 1,000 or fewer employees, and that is not dominant in its field of operation. Where the term “Qualified Business” is used in Sections 8078.3 to 8078.7, inclusive, the definition provided in this subdivision shall be used instead of the definition provided in Section 8070(t).
Qualified business means a business other than a real estate investment trust which