Doctors definition

Doctors. Guide” means the Doctors’ Guide for RVP published on the website of the Centre for Health Protection ( which is a guide for doctors that contains instructions for enrolment and requirements when providing vaccination activities under RVP, and may be updated from time to time.
Doctors permit holders” means a vehicle which displays a valid permit issued to a Doctor for use in a specified location;
Doctors has the meaning given in Section IX.B.

Examples of Doctors in a sentence

  • On Site Training to Doctors/ Technicians/ Staff is to be provided by Supplier for operation and maintenance of the equipment for a period of 30 working days after successful installation of the machine, as per direction of user department.

  • In order to fully and optimally utilize the equipment, training to paramedical staff and Doctors should be provided.

  • Reimbursement to Member Doctors will be made in accordance with their agreement with VSP.

  • A list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of Member Doctors in your geographic location can be obtained from your Group, Plan Administrator, or VSP.

  • On Site training to Doctors/ Technicians/ staff is to be provided by Principal/ Indian Agents (if they have the requisite know-how) for operation and maintenance of the equipment to the satisfaction of the consignee.

More Definitions of Doctors

Doctors permit” means a permit issued to a general medical practitioner in such form as the Minister may prescribe for the purposes of regulation 59.
Doctors panel" means the panel of doctors who are, or who have been, engaged in the performance of primary medical services and who have been nominated to the panel for the purposes of these Regulations by a body which is, in the Secretary of State's opinion, representative of doctors engaged in the performance of primary medical services;
Doctors means and include each of the nine classes of persons listed in subsection A of this section.
Doctors means the PDG Doctors and the Non-PDG Doctors.
Doctors means, collectively, Drs. A. Dosoretz, Fox, Rubenstein, and Katin, and any agents and/or representatives thereof.
Doctors or ‘User’ means a private doctor registered with the French national health authorities, whatever the practice and medical specialisation concerned, having subscribed to the Service by signing the TS and using the Solution under his/her sole liability in compliance with the obligations binding him/her professionally and towards the national health authorities and according to the various reference documents, specifications and recommendations governing online medical consultations and issued by the health authorities, healthcare operators or other public authorities;
Doctors means such qualified doctors who are employed or associated with the HSP who will be engaged in creating and assigning the Care Plan for the Patients and monitoring the Patient’s health via CMT as the checkpoint.