Specified Location definition

Specified Location means the location on the Closed Roads announced by GOLAZO prior to the Event which Riders must pass before the Specified Time in order to be allowed to complete the Gran Fondo. Riders failing to pass the Specified Location by the Specified Time will be required to take the Medio Fondo route back towards the finish at the Event Village.
Specified Location has the meaning set forth in the definition ofLandlord Lien Reserve.”
Specified Location means or such other location as the Lessor may agree in writing;

Examples of Specified Location in a sentence

  • Specified Location The term “Specified Location” shall be the location where a Member receives envelope deliveries.

  • That the Concessioning Authority proposed to grant to the selected party, a Concession to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the Passenger Ropeway and facilities in the Specified Location, referred in Schedule B, (hereinafter called the ‘Project’ or ‘Ropeway Project’) on Design, Build, Finance Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis.

  • RULE 901.2 LOCATION (1) The CSP must ensure that the Approved Commodities made available for trading on the Market is stored only at a Specified Location.

  • A Specified Location means Customer’s entire information processing environment, or a portion thereof, which may be located at multiple sites or a single building.

  • Failure of Gran Fondo Riders to pass the Specified Location by the Specified Time will mean that they are required to take the shorter route, of approx.

More Definitions of Specified Location

Specified Location means a location where the Approved Commodity is stored as specified by the CSP; “specified” including its various grammatical forms, means specified in writing by BMIS through any guidelines, directives, notices, circulars and operational procedures; “Split e-Certificate” means the new e-Certificate generated as a result of the splitting of an e-Certificate under Chapter 5; “trade” including its various grammatical forms, refers to the buying or selling of Approved Commodity on the Market; and “Unencumbered Approved Commodity” means Approved Commodity that fulfills the following criteria:
Specified Location. (“lleoliad penodedig”) means a location specified in a condition to the service provider's registration as a place at which the service is to be provided F13;
Specified Location has the meaning given thereto in Section 5.1.
Specified Location means such location or locations as may, from time to time, be specified by Alaris by notice to Caesarea as the location or locations at which Alaris intends to take receipt of any NIKI Pump, Manufacturing Assembly Kit or any other device, good, document or product to be delivered by Caesarea hereunder.
Specified Location has the meaning given thereto in Section 7.1.
Specified Location. One or more locations in the continental United States identified in writing by the Borrower to the Administrative Agent from time to time. “Specified Subsidiaries”: the collective reference to the Insurance Subsidiary, any Foreign Subsidiary and any Permitted Non-Guarantor Subsidiary. “Specified Swap Agreement”: any Swap Agreement (a) entered into by (i) the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries and (ii) any Lender or any Affiliate thereof, or any Person that was a Lender or an Affiliate thereof when such Swap Agreement was entered into as counterparty and (b) which has been designated by such Lender and the Borrower, by notice to the Administrative Agent not later than 90 days after the execution and delivery thereof by the Borrower or such Subsidiary, as a Specified Swap Agreement; provided, that the designation of any Swap Agreement as a Specified Swap Agreement shall not create in favor of any Lender or affiliate thereof that is a party thereto any rights in connection with the 36 509265-1832-141352041-Active.21575686.1328267668.14