Patients definition

Patients means both Public Patients and the Private Patients (referred by private doctors/private hospitals);
Patients means any person who was a previous or is a prospective or current patient of Medical Practice.
Patients means individuals who receive Health Care Services from the Health Authority or at the Facilities.

Examples of Patients in a sentence

  • The DRO System is not a medical device and does not provide alerts or other warnings related to circumstances, events or risks to Patients or Users.

  • The DRO System and eServices are intended only as an aid to Providers to support the timely and efficient delivery of health care services, and the User remains responsible for the delivery of care and the assessment of risks to their Patients.

  • To deliver high quality care: Patients are safe from harm; Staff are friendly, helpful, compassionate and sensitive to individual needs; Clinical effectiveness is top class; Services are constantly improved to enhance patient experience.

  • Access to and use of the DRO System is granted to the User to support health care delivery to Patients.

More Definitions of Patients

Patients. Rights Advocate” means the designated Title IX patients’ rights advocate who will assure that patients are informed of their right to pre-admission hearings and assure that patients who waive the right to a hearing have done so freely, voluntarily, and intelligently;
Patients. Bill of Rights” means the rights to which patients in Vermont Hospitals are entitled under the authority of 18 V.S.A. Ch. 42.
Patients means individuals who have attended any of the Trust's premises for care;
Patients means those individuals who are tested for HCV through the administration of the Product by an HCP in the Field in the Territory.
Patients means more than one Patient;
Patients means individuals who received pharmacy services from a pharmacy that used CaptureRx’s services.
Patients means persons who are under the supervision or care of the department.