Patients definition

Patients means any person who was a previous or is a prospective or current patient of Medical Practice.
Patients means individuals who receive Health Care Services from the Health Authority or at the Facilities.
Patients means individuals who have attended any of the Trust's premises for care;

Examples of Patients in a sentence

  • Patients have been provided with an information letter (attached) and have been invited to provide feedback to us regarding the proposal.

  • Age GroupNumber of Participants18-30 years1230-40840-5010Over 50 years6Table 3.9: Patients' Age GroupsFrom Table 3.9, we notice that the interviewed patients are between eighteen years old and over fifty years old.

  • Patients outside this range will not be added to the waiting list and should be referred back to their general practitioner for management where required.Men who have a BMI of 30 or over should be informed that they are likely to have reduced fertility.

  • FRAIL Questionnaire Screening Tool and Short-Term Outcomes in Geriatric Fracture Patients.

  • Add 1 POINT for each of the following criteria that applyNOW OR WITHIN THE PAST MONTH: Criteria interpretation for the health-care providerc Age 41-60 yearsc Minor surgery (less than 45 minutes) is planned The length of surgery must also include the anesthesia timec Past major surgery (more than 45 minutes) within the last monthMajor surgery within the past month onlyc Visible varicose veins Patients with visible bulging veins would receive a score of 1.

More Definitions of Patients

Patients. Rights Advocate” means the designated Title IX patients’ rights advocate who will assure that patients are informed of their right to pre-admission hearings and assure that patients who waive the right to a hearing have done so freely, voluntarily, and intelligently;
Patients means individual persons whose Samples are tested by Centogene by using the Diagnostic Tests for rare diseases identified on the Testing Request Form as part of the Diagnostic Services.
Patients. Bill of Rights” means the rights to which patients in Vermont Hospitals are entitled under the authority of 18 V.S.A. Ch. 42.
Patients means those individuals who are tested for HCV through the administration of the Product by an HCP in the Field in the Territory.
Patients means persons who are under the supervision or care of the department.
Patients means individuals who received pharmacy services from a pharmacy that used CaptureRx’s services.
Patients means both Public Patients and the Private Patients (referred by private doctors/private hospitals);