Specialist definition

Specialist means either a physician or other health care professional who practices in a specific area other than those practiced by primary care providers, or a properly licensed, certified or registered individual health care provider whose practice is limited to rendering mental health services. For purposes of cost-share, this definition of “specialist” does not apply to dentists. BCBSAZ does not require you to obtain an authorization or referral to see a specialist.
Specialist means a dentist who has received a specialty
Specialist means a natural person within an organisation who possesses knowledge at an advanced level of technical expertise, and who possesses proprietary knowledge of the organisation’s service, research equipment, techniques or management.

Examples of Specialist in a sentence

  • In addition, a Technical Specialist may have programming skills and would be part of a project team.

  • A Contractor shall submit to the Contract Specialist documentation identifying the proposed (1) starting and ending dates of the promotion, (2) products involved, and (3) promotional prices compared to then-authorized prices.

  • The Principal in each school shall appoint a school Anti-Bullying Specialist.

  • Questions should be directed to the HCBS Specialist assigned to the county where the parent agency is located.

  • An Architectural Specialist guides and advises the client in identification, administration, and implementation of specific solutions.

More Definitions of Specialist

Specialist means a physician licensed and practicing in Canada whose practice is limited to the particular branch of medicine relating to the applicable Covered Condition and who is not the Insured, a relative or business associate of the Insured.
Specialist means a specialty is an area of dentistry that has been formally recognized by the board and the American dental association as meeting the specified requirements for recognition of dental specialists.
Specialist means a professional officer who has acquired through study and application special subject knowledge which is recognised by peers to be different, distinctive or unique.
Specialist means a licensed health care provider who is certified or trained in a specified field of medicine.
Specialist means a person working within the group of undertakings possessing specialised knowledge essential to the host entity's areas of activity, techniques or management. In assessing such knowledge, account shall be taken not only of knowledge specific to the host entity, but also of whether the person has a high level of qualification including adequate professional experience referring to a type of work or activity requiring specific technical knowledge, including possible membership of an accredited profession;
Specialist means any Physician who is a) registered in the Specialist Register of the Medical Council of Hong Kong or in relation to jurisdictions outside of Hong Kong, a body of equivalent standing; and b) legally authorised for practising specialist care according to his qualified specialty in the locality where the treatment is provided to an Insured.
Specialist means a physician who has successfully completed