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Medical. Low-THC] cannabis" means the plant

Examples of Medical in a sentence

  • It gives definitions of terms and explains the rules you will need to follow to get the medical treatments, services, and other medical care that are covered by the plan.For the details on what medical care is covered by our plan and how much you pay when you get this care, use the benefits chart in the next chapter, Chapter 4 (Medical Benefits Chart, what is covered and what you pay).

  • Eligible expenses will be payable as shown in the Medical Schedule of Benefits.

  • Upon recommendation of the Medical Officer of Health, all employees shall be required, on an annual basis to be vaccinated and or to take antiviral medication for influenza.

  • The advisors will contact the instructor when the medical documentation is received, and will outline the severity and duration of the medical challenge as expressed on the Student Medical Certificate and in any other supporting documentation.

  • Percentage of loss of earning capacity and disability as assessed by Medical Officer.

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Medical means pertaining to or dealing with the healing art and the science of medicine.
Medical means healing or therapy not involving surgical methods.
Medical trademarks worldwide, (iii) ambient tuna business in the U.S., (iv) other ambient seafood products currently marketed by the StarKist Seafood business unit in the U.S., (v) retail private label soup and retail private label gravy businesses in the U.S., (vi) broth business conducted in the U.S. under the trademark "College Inn" and (vii) infant feeding business in the U.S., including pureed foods currently produced in the Pittsburgh plant. For the purpose of this definition, (A) "in the U.S." or "in Canada" shall mean all channels of distribution, except in the case of clause (v), where it shall include only retail sales, in such country and its territories and (B) "retail" shall refer to products sold as packaged goods for consumption in the home, as opposed to prepared foods sold for away-from-home consumption or consumption without further preparation beyond reheating.
Medical. Means psychological as well as physical.
Medical means pertaining to or dealing with the healing art and the science of medicine. "Nursing care unit" means an organized jurisdiction of nursing service in which nursing