Core Management Team definition

Core Management Team means the core management team appointed by the Operating Company and includes any additions to and or replacements of any members of such team as subsequently agreed under the terms of this Contract, and as detailed in Schedule 3 Contract Management, Section 2 Key People.
Core Management Team means the following TMG Key Staff: [✄]; ‘Directions’ means written directions given by the CMA‌

Examples of Core Management Team in a sentence

  • All determinations regarding whether and when to notify individuals and/or federal agencies potentially affected by a Security Incident will be made by DOJ senior officials or the DOJ Core Management Team at DOJ’s discretion.

  • The Core Management Team (CMT) will determine effective dates of changes, and students/applicants will be properly notified of the changes.

  • For purposes of this report, this number includes data breaches and incidents that have been formally reviewed by the Department’s Core Management Team (DOJ’s organizational team chaired by the CPCLO and the Chief Information Officer, which convenes in the event of a significant data breach involving PII).

  • The first member of the Core Management Team that you are able to contact.

  • When challenges arise, the Core Management Team reports back to the Governance Team, and its members work together to determine what is best for the Initiative.

  • Budget estimates will be subject to scrutiny and challenge by both Core Management Team and Members.

  • GENERAL BODY MEETINGGovernance codesCode of Conduct and Business EthicsThe Company has adopted Code of Conduct & Business Ethics (“the Code”) which is applicable to the Board of Directors and Senior Managerial Personnel comprising all members of Core Management Team one level below the executive Directors including all Functional Heads (SMPs) of the Company.

  • Quorum shall be constituted by a member of the Core Management Team, 2 Elected Members and three authorised employee representatives.

  • Organizational relationships of OEDE at the governance level (WFP’s Executive Board and Bureau), OEDE’s position and rela- tionship to the Executive Director, the Core Management Team, and the Executive Staff, the roles and responsibilities of OEDE vis- à-vis the Regional Bureaux and the Country Offices concerning de- centralized evaluations; the roles and responsibilities of OEDE in relation to other HQ departments (e.g. Policy, Operations etc).

  • The Core Management Team (CMT) shall oversee program implementation and make recommendations on the technical/operational issues required to manage the JPs. The CMT shall provide expert advice and support on issues of Ending Violence Against Women and Girls and shall make recommendations to the JSC on technical matters, including fiduciary issues and when required support the Secretariat on issues of joint programming.

More Definitions of Core Management Team

Core Management Team means the management team referred to in clause 7.1(a); CPI means (i) the headline consumer price index number as published on a monthly basis by the United States Department of Labor, or any substitute accepted by the Government of the United States from time to time provided that:
Core Management Team means the core management team of the Borrower to be established pursuant to Section 5.01(a) of this Agreement to oversee and guide the implementation of Part A.1 of the Project;
Core Management Team means, collectively, the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller of the Company as of the Issue Date, with such personnel changes as are from time to time made in accordance with the Shareholders Agreement. "Corporate Trust Office of the Indenture Trustee" shall be at the address of the Indenture Trustee specified in Section 13.02 or such other address as to which the Indenture Trustee may give notice to the Company.
Core Management Team means the core management team as described in Clause 7.

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  • Management Team means Xxxxxx X. X’Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Xx. and Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx.

  • Senior Management Team means (a) each Authorized Officer, the chief executive officer, secretary and (b) any chief executive officer, president, vice president, chief financial officer, treasurer or secretary of any Subsidiary Guarantor.

  • Executive Management means the CEO and the CFO for purposes of administering this Plan.

  • Team means a team affiliated to a Club, including where a Club provides more than one team in the Competition in accordance with the Rules.

  • Alliance Manager has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

  • Team Leader means an employee who is in a set or team and who is generally responsible for the work executed by the employees comprising such set or team;

  • Adaptive management means reliance on scientific methods to

  • infrastructure manager means any body or undertaking that is responsible in particular for establishing and maintaining railway infrastructure, or a part thereof, as defined in Article 3 of Directive 91/440/EEC, which may also include the management of infrastructure control and safety systems. The functions of the infrastructure manager on a network or part of a network may be allocated to different bodies or undertakings;

  • Senior Management Personnel means personnel of the company who are members of its core management team excluding Board of Directors. Normally, this would comprise all members of management one level below the executive directors, including all functional heads.

  • Development Team means the entities and professionals assembled to develop and manage the Project, typically including the Applicant, Owner, Developer(s), Co-Developer(s) and general partner or any other related entities in which the Developer or Co-Developer has an identity of interest or a Controlling Interest.

  • Network Operating Committee means a group made up of representatives from the Network Customer(s) and the Transmission Provider established to coordinate operating criteria and other technical considerations required for implementation of Network Integration Transmission Service under Tariff, Part III.

  • Leader means the person vested from time to time (in accordance with law and the applicable constitutional arrangements) with the political leadership, for the purposes of this Agreement, of each of the London Local Authorities listed in Part 1 of Schedule 1

  • State Management Committee means a Committee comprising representatives from the Confederation of Western Australian Industry, the Trades and Labor Council of Western Australia, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and the relevant Federal and State Government Departments which approve traineeship arrangements by agreement of each of the parties. The State Management Committee may be established pursuant to the provisions of the Industrial and Commercial Training Act, 1975 or any amendment to or substitution of that Act, provided that any Committee or body established in lieu of the State Management Committee has the same representatives structure and decision making processes as that Committee.

  • Key Management Personnel means persons having authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the Company, directly or indirectly, including any Director (whether executive or otherwise) of the Company;

  • Project Management Plan means the management plan that (i) sets out a high level workplan to describe the manner in which the Design-Builder will manage the Project, including to address related matters such as traffic management and communications, and (ii) is prepared by or for the Design-Builder and submitted to the Owner;

  • Project Leader has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

  • Project Management Consultant means --------------Not Applicable --------------

  • Executive manager means an individual employed by a new motor vehicle dealer in an executive capacity and who has a written employment agreement with the dealer that includes a right for the executive manager to purchase a controlling interest in the dealership at a future time or on the death or incapacity of the dealer.

  • Program Manager refers to the professional management firm selected by the Owner as the Owner’s representative for the Project, and its employees and consultants.

  • Joint Development Committee or “JDC” has the meaning set forth in Section 3.10.

  • Supply Chain Management All aspects of supply chain management, from the initial sourcing phase through customer delivery (e.g., procurement, sourcing management, inventory management, catalog management, ordering/purchasing, invoice tracking, storefront/shopping cart, warehouse management, returns management, logistics/transportation).

  • Project Manager means the principal employee or agent of the Recipient having administrative authority over the Project designated in Appendix B pursuant to Section VI hereof, or authorized designee as per written notification to the Director.

  • Development Committee has the meaning set forth in Article 3 of the Amended and Restated Research and Development Agreement.

  • Project Team means Owner, Contractor, A/E and consultants, any separate Contractors employed by Owner, and others employed for the purpose of programming, design, and construction of the Project. The members of the Project Team will be designated in writing by Owner and may be modified from time to time in writing by Owner.

  • Seattle Human Resources Director means the director of the Seattle Department of Human Resources or his or her designated management representative.

  • Procurement Committee means a Committee constituted by the Employer to perform the functions as such under the terms and conditions of Contract.