Contacts definition

Contacts means locations at which freight, merchandise, or goods are picked up or dropped off within the boundaries of this state.
Contacts means any oral, written or electronic communication with a governmental entity under circumstances where a reasonable person would infer that the communication was intended to influence the governmental entity's conduct or decision regarding the governmental procurement.
Contacts means those communications between an agent and a client or collateral.

Examples of Contacts in a sentence

Contacts with endosomes and transport vesicles are very small and involve only a few of these structures (Figs.

These organelles are collec- tively referred to below as “endosomes and transport vesicles.” Contacts between ribosome-free areas of the ER and other or- ganelles are shown in red.All major membranous organelles are involved in ER appo- sitions.

Contacts to and stays at International Agricultural Research Centers are invaluable in bringing young scientists early on to practice.

Communication about all press releases, media events, activities, and reports generated by the award should be provided to the Forest Service Regional Coordinator (Section VII - Agency Contacts) in advance of the event, media release, or release to the public and be included in the Annual Progress Report.

Applications must be received electronically at the individual e-mail address for the respective Forest Service Regional Coordinator listed in Section VII (Agency Contacts) of this announcement by 5:00 p.m. in the region you submit by January 19, 2022, with NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Contacts. "CONTACT" means an IN-PERSON interaction with
Contacts means potential clients
Contacts shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 4.33.
Contacts means the people designated by T-Mobile and accepted by Supplier (which acceptance shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) to act as T-Mobile’s contacts and substitute contacts.
Contacts means communications between an agent and an offender or collateral.
Contacts means locations at which freight, merchandise,