Advisory Services definition

Advisory Services means the development and presentation of findings, conclusions, and recommendations for client consideration and decision making.
Advisory Services means the non-binding investment advisory services rendered by the Portfolio Manager to the Client. The Portfolio Manager shall be solely acting as an advisor to the Portfolio of the Client and shall not be responsible for the investment / divestment of Securities.

Examples of Advisory Services in a sentence

  • With respect to underlying information (other than the final outputs) provided by the Bank in support of the Reimbursable Advisory Services, the Bank reserves the right to designate said information as confidential.

  • However in the short term the sector may find the macro –economic environment challenging for growing quality book on account of overall bearish sentiments, volatile stock market and high interest rates.FINANCIAL & BUSINESS REVIEWF MEC INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED is currently engaged in NBFC activities & Financial Management and Advisory Services.

  • The Client shall carry out the following activities: provide relevant material to support the delivery of the preparatory report and facilitate stakeholder discussions and information requests for the diagnostic report, in support of the Reimbursable Advisory Services.

  • Under an agreement that came into effect in 2011, subsidiary CTEEP renders Technical Advisory Services to Support the Owner’s Engineering Service Management, to be performed by indirect subsidiary IEMadeira and/or its contractors.

  • The Bank shall, in its sole discretion, determine the composition of the staff (including staff holding consultant appointments) (“Bank Personnel”) assigned to perform the Reimbursable Advisory Services.

More Definitions of Advisory Services

Advisory Services means the services, where the Portfolio Manager advises Clients on investments in general or gives specific advice required by the Clients and agreed upon in the PMS Agreement.
Advisory Services means recommendations or opinion, whether in written or report form or provided verbally, that are intended to influence a person in making an investment decision. ‘Advice’ falls within one of two categories: either General or Personal advice.
Advisory Services means the investment advisory in terms of the Regulations, and shall include the responsibility of advising on the portfolio strategy, investment and divestment of individual Securities in the Clients’ Portfolio, for an agreed fee structure and for a period hereinafter described, entirely at the Client’s risk, to all eligible categories of investors.
Advisory Services has the meaning set forth in Section 4.4.
Advisory Services has the meaning set forth in Section 4.4. -----------------
Advisory Services means the services provided by BT under the relevant service schedule of the Service Based Solutions contract;
Advisory Services has the meaning set forth in Section 2.