Completion of a definition

Completion of a phase shall mean the completion of installation of all Cable necessary to provide service for that phase of a Network and connection of such phase to a fully operational telecommunications service line or an operational switching facility, such that service could be provided to any property abutting the Conduit within not more than sixty (60) days after request for service by an occupant of such property. FirstWorld shall have the right to revise any Phasing Plan from time to time in order to respond to changes in technology and to Customer and User requirements and to achieve operating efficiencies, or in the case of any Additional Spectrum area or any Additional Area, to reflect a change in Irvine's anticipated development schedule for the area. Any material changes to any Phasing Plan shall be subject to Irvine's approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed, provided, that it shall be reasonable for Irvine to withhold its approval to any change to a Phasing Plan which would materially reduce or delay the potential Basic and Bonus Percentage Rent which could be earned by Irvine pursuant to this Agreement, or which would materially reduce the prompt provision of fiber optic service to Buildings.
Completion of a. [* *]" means the receipt by Centocor of a draft report containing all[* *].
Completion of a means fifteen (15) days after receipt by Centocor of a draft report containing all [**].

Examples of Completion of a in a sentence

  • Substantial Completion of a major phase or component of the Work.

  • Completion of a Proxy Form will not prevent individual Shareholders from attending the Meeting in person if they wish.

  • Completion of a 'close-out' form, which allows licensees to provide details of the actual dates and locations where the activities occurred, is also required within 12 weeks of the completion of the 'noisy' activity or, in the case of prolonged activities such as piling for harbour construction or wind farms, at quarterly intervals or after each phase of foundation installation.

  • Completion of a registration or application form by a data subject will include a statement that the data contained therein is accurate at the date of submission.

  • On the Date of Completion of a Project, the balance in the related Series Acquisition and Construction Account not reserved for the payment of any remaining part of the Cost of the Project shall be transferred by the Escrow Agent to the credit of the Series Redemption Account, and used for the purposes set forth for such Account in the Supplemental Indenture relating to such Series of Bonds.

  • K.3.2 Substantial Completion of a facility with operating systems (e.g., mechanical, electrical, HVAC) shall be that degree of completion that has provided a minimum of thirty (30) continuous Days of successful, trouble-free operation, which period shall begin after all performance and acceptance testing has been successfully demonstrated to the Owner.

  • Content: Completion of a sequence of courses and experiences which may have been a part of, or in addition to, the degree requirements.

  • Completion of a Proxy Form will not prevent individual members from attending the Annual General Meeting in person if they wish.

  • Completion of a STEM field experience of a minimum of 30 contact hours that may be met through the following:● Completing a STEM research experience;● Participating in a STEM internship at a STEM business or informal education organization; or● Leading a STEM extracurricular activity.

  • Completion of a minimum of 12 semester hours of college-level math (or the completion of Calculus I) to include coursework in computer programming.

Related to Completion of a

  • Completion of Services means..................................................

  • Completion of work means completion of the entire contracted work. Exhaustion of quantity of any particular item mentioned in the bid document shall not imply completion of work or any component thereof.

  • Completion of Construction means the date, as determined by the Division after consultation with the Recipient, that the work of building and erection of the Project is substantially complete.

  • Substantial Completion means the stage in the progress of the work as determined and certified by the Contracting Officer in writing to the Contractor, on which the work (or a portion designated by the Government) is sufficiently complete and satisfactory. Substantial completion means that the property may be occupied or used for the purpose for which it is intended, and only minor items such as touch-up, adjustments, and minor replacements or installations remain to be completed or corrected which:

  • Substantial Completion Date means the required date for Substantial Completion of the Project. The Substantial Completion Date can be adjusted only by written Change Order.

  • Construction Work means all necessary action for the development, construction, renovation, furnishing, equipping and implementation of the Plans and Designs for the Hotel.

  • Substantial Completion Certificate means the certificate issued and approved by the Authority indicating the date upon which the Trade Contractor Work (or a designated portion thereof) is Substantially Complete.

  • Construction Phase means that Phase of the Project which shall commence after the Authority provides the Trade Contractor with written Notice to Proceed with the Construction Phase.

  • Subproject means a specific activity carried out under Part 2 of the Project, financed or proposed to be financed through a Subproject Grant (as hereinafter defined).

  • project completion period means the period of sixty (60) months commencing from and expiring on for the construction and obtaining of Temporary Occupation Permit or Permits for the whole of the Development as provided in clause 3.3;

  • Tests after Completion means the tests (if any) which are specified in the Contract and which are carried out in accordance with the Specification after the Works or a Section (as the case may be) are taken over by the Procuring Entity.

  • Project Completion means the date, as determined by the Division after consultation with the Recipient, that operation of the Project is initiated or is capable of being initiated, whichever comes first.

  • Completion Period means the period starting from the date of issue of "Order" and required to complete the work in all respect.

  • Completion Date means the date of completion of the Services by the Service Provider as certified by the Procuring Entity

  • a work means the outcome of building or civil engineering works taken as a whole which is sufficient in itself to fulfil an economic or technical function;

  • Final Completion means the date determined and certified by A/E and Owner on which the Work is fully and satisfactorily complete in accordance with the Contract.

  • Construction Completion Date means five (5) years from the date of this Agreement unless otherwise specified in writing by the Manager, Urban Development;

  • Construction Completion Certificate means a document:

  • Construction Completion means physical construction of a cleanup action component is complete.

  • Installation Work means the construction and installation of the System and the Start-up, testing and acceptance (but not the operation and maintenance) thereof; all performed by or for the Power Producer at the Premises.

  • Completion Notice means a notice issued by the Developer in accordance with clause 6.1.

  • Subprojects means more than one such Subproject.

  • Base Building Work means the base building work for the Building as described in this Manual.

  • Building Work means all of the Parts to be provided and all of the work to be done by the Builder under and in connection with this Contract, as more particularly described in the Specification and the Plans, and includes all Parts to be provided and all work to be done by the Builder's subcontractors;

  • Project Completion Date means the date on which the Provisional Certificate is issued and, in the event, no Provisional Certificate is issued, the date on which the Completion Certificate is issued;

  • Subproject Agreement means any of the agreements referred to in Section 3.07 of this Agreement; and