Completion Date definition

Completion Date means the date of expiry of the Contract set out in clause A 4.1 (Initial Contract Period) of the Contract.
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Completion Date means the date of completion of the works as certified by the Project Manager, in accordance with Clause 31.
Completion Date means the date of actual completion of the services by the Service Provider as certified by the Employer.

Examples of Completion Date in a sentence

The successful Bidder is expected to complete the delivery by the Intended Completion Date which is 45 calendar days after signature of Contract.

The Purchaser has undertaken to the Company that it shall be responsible for financing the working capital requirements of the Target Group in proportion to its shareholding in the Target Company following the First Completion and shall advance a sum (the ‘‘Purchaser Contribution’’) equal to 49% of the Vendor Contribution as shareholder’s loan to the Target Company within one month from the First Completion Date.

The Sale Loan B will be assigned to the Purchaser on the Second Completion Date.

Working capital arrangement before the First Completion Pursuant to the SPA, the Vendor shall provide all the working capital (the ‘‘Vendor Contribution’’) required for the operation of the Target Group by way of shareholder’s loan(s) upon signing of the SPA and up to the First Completion Date.

The difference between the consideration for the Sale Shares to be received by the Group and the proportionate net assets of the Target Group attributable to the non-controlling shareholder (i.e. the Purchaser) at the Completion Date shall be recognised in the equity of the Group.

More Definitions of Completion Date

Completion Date means the date of this Agreement;
Completion Date means the date on which Completion occurs;
Completion Date means either:
Completion Date means the date on which Completion takes place;
Completion Date means, with respect to any Repair, the date specified for that Repair in the Repair Schedule of Work (Exhibit C), as such date may be extended by Lender in writing.
Completion Date means the date of Commissioning of an extension to the Burswood Casino proposed in plans dated September 1989 and submitted to the Minister by the Manager with a letter dated 13 September 1989 and subsequently approved by the Minister, as to which date a certificate issued by the Minister shall for the purposes of this Agreement be conclusive;
Completion Date means the actual date of completion or commissioning of the Works, whichever is later, as recorded by the Engineer-in-Charge.