Completion of Services definition

Completion of Services means..................................................
Completion of Services means: the time period agreed between the contracting parties for the completion of all the specified tasks as agreed in Terms of References (TORs) attached as Appendix-A (Section 5 of RFP).
Completion of Services means submission of all reports or deliverables to the client mentioned in Appendix-B and obtaining the Client’s approval for such Reports and Certificates.

Examples of Completion of Services in a sentence

  • Proposed Methodology for the Completion of Services The Service Provider must describe how it will address/deliver the demands of the RFP; providing a detailed description of the essential performance characteristics, reporting conditions and quality assurance mechanisms that will be put in place, while demonstrating that the proposed methodology will be appropriate to the local conditions and context of the work.

  • Delivery of the Goods; Completion of Services - Payment for goods or services described in any contract resulting from this Solicitation is contingent upon delivery and acceptance of the goods or satisfactory completion of the services.

  • EXPENDITURE AND OTHER AGREEMENTS Contractor Description Amount BUSINESS SERVICES/HUMAN RESOURCESSA17-00188Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Rudd & Romo9/1/16 – 6/30/18: Services as requested related to collective bargaining negotiations.$200,000General Funds FACILITIES SUPPORT SERVICESSA17-00364HMC Architects2/1/17 – Completion of Services.

  • The Services shall be completed within a period as is specified in the SC, or such extended time as may be allowed under Sub-Clause 2.6. The term "Completion of Services" is as specified in the SC.2.5 ModificationModification of the terms and conditions of this Contract, including any modification of the scope of the Services or of the Contract Price, may only be made in writing, which shall be signed by both the Parties.

More Definitions of Completion of Services

Completion of Services means that the Software is fully operational and performing in conformity with the specifications set out herein. For purposes of this Agreement, Completion of Services will be deemed to have occurred on the date which the Organization commences using the Software as its predominate business system.
Completion of Services means final deliverable of the project to the client as mentioned in the attachedAppendix B”.
Completion of Services means the Professional Services are complete and shall be deemed to have occurred on the date which Customer commences using the Hosting Services.
Completion of Services means Submission of Final Report of Master Plan (2020-2040) along-with all relevant reports and documents
Completion of Services means Completion of Services as stipulated in Appendix-A
Completion of Services means submission of all prescribed reports and documents and receiving of all payments by the Consultant as stated in this Contract Agreement.
Completion of Services for the Design means when all the deliverables and any other matter related to the Design as per the TORs have been completed and are approved. For Construction Supervision completion means when Defect Liability Period of the Contractor is ended and Defect Liability Certificate is issued.