Complete definition

Complete means the building is fully functional and all work which was part of the principal contract is complete.

Examples of Complete in a sentence

  • Complete all items that apply for both the initial filing and material change report.

  • Note: Complete paragraphs (c)(8) and (c)(9) only if this solicitation is expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold.

  • Complete the form according to your company requirements, make any desired attachments and upload to the appropriate section under "Response Attachments" THIS FORM DETERMINES HOW ESC8/TIPS RESPONDS TO LEGAL PUBLIC INFORMATION REQUESTS.

  • NorthStar Securities and S2K Complete MergerNorthStar Securities LLC, the broker-dealer platform of Colony NorthStar Inc.

  • Complete Table 1A – Summary for all purchasers, excluding those identified in Item 8.

More Definitions of Complete

Complete means a single operation intended to complete a well as a producer of Oil and Gas in one or more Zones, including, but not limited to, the setting of production casing, perforating, well stimulation and production testing conducted in such operation.
Complete shall be defined as all of the required items, as set out in Exhibit A have been included in compliance with the requirements of this Agreement. The completeness of any Basic Services submitted to County shall be determined by County within thirty (30) days of such submittal and County shall notify A/E in writing within such thirty (30) day period if such Basic Services have been found to be incomplete. If the submission is Complete, County will notify A/E and County’s technical review process will begin. If the submission is not Complete, County will notify A/E, who shall perform such professional services as are required to complete the Basic Services and resubmit it to County. This process shall be repeated until a submission is Complete.
Complete. Completed,” or “Completion” means, with respect to a Clinical Study, the point in time at which the primary database lock for such study has occurred and, if such study has a statistical analysis plan, the data generated based on that primary database lock under the statistical analysis plan for such study are available.
Complete or "Completed" or "Completion" shall mean with respect to any item of Product, that (A) either (i) sufficient elements have been delivered by the applicable Borrower to, and accepted, deemed or determined to be accepted and/or exploited by, a Person (other than the Borrowers or Affiliates thereof) to permit such Person to exhibit the item of Product in the theatrical or other medium for which the item of Product is intended for initial exploitation or (ii) the applicable Borrower has certified to the Administrative Agent that an independent laboratory has in its possession a complete final 35 mm or 70 mm (or other size which has become standard in the industry) composite positive print, video master or other equivalent master copy of the item of Product as finally cut, main and end titled, edited, scored and assembled with sound track printed thereon in perfect synchronization with the photographic action and fit and ready for exhibition and distribution in the theatrical or other medium for which the item of Product is intended for initial exploitation, provided if such certification shall not be verified to the Administrative Agent by such independent laboratory within 20 Business Days after a request by the Administrative Agent for verification, such item of Product shall revert to being Uncompleted until the Administrative Agent receives such verification, and (B) if such item of Product was acquired by a Credit Party from a third party, the entire acquisition price or minimum advance shall have been paid to the extent then due and there is no condition or event (including, without limitation, the payment of money not yet due, except to the extent that an amount sufficient to make such payment has been reserved from availability under both the Borrowing Base and the unused Commitments hereunder) the occurrence of which might result in such Credit Party losing any of its rights in such item of Product.
Complete means that the documents made publicly available contains the all of information listed under indicator PI-6, to the extent this information exists.
Complete means that no further activity is required to complete the investment, the works are complete and received in conformity with the requirements foreseen by the national legislation (if applicable). The reference to ‘national legislation’ means, for example, all necessary health & safety measures/ testing has been successfully completed and the investment is therefore ready for its intended use/ ready to be operated.