Roll definition

Roll. ’ means the Roll of Legal Practitioners referred to in section 30(3);
Roll means the roll referred to in section 39 that relates to a leasehold building units plan or to a leasehold building units plan that has been terminated.
Roll means the roll of advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court kept under section 24;

Examples of Roll in a sentence

  • Roll call vote: Voting Yes: Norris, Piper, Roush, Lopp, Swanson, and Wolf.

  • Roll call vote on above resolution: Donahue-Yes; Evans-Yes; Reichert-Yes; Ritz-Absent; Genzel-Yes.

  • NAME OF NOTARY PUBLICSerial No. of Commission Notary Public for until Roll of Attorneys No. PTR No. [date issued], [place issued] IBP No. [date issued], [place issued] Doc.

  • Roll call: Yea: Wiesbrock, Lawless, Miller, Skinner, Ioerger, Shawback.

  • Roll call vote: Donahue-Yes; Evans-Yes; Reichert-Yes; Ritz-Absent; Genzel-Yes.

More Definitions of Roll

Roll means the assessment and tax roll.
Roll means the roll of solicitors maintained by the Registrar under Section 9 (as substituted by Section 65 of the Act of 1994) of the Act of 1954;
Roll means a roll kept in terms of this Act, and when used in relation to a category or a member of any category of persons in respect of whom a roll is kept, the roll kept for that category;
Roll means any book, parchment, or paper on which the registrar inscribes the names of persons admitted as practitioners, and “the roll” means the solicitors’ roll or the conveyancers’ roll, as the context or the circumstances may require.
Roll means a roll of advocates prepared and maintained under this Act;