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Compensation means all base straight time gross earnings and commissions, but exclusive of payments for overtime, shift premium, incentive compensation, incentive payments, bonuses and other compensation.
Compensation means (i) the total compensation paid in cash to a Participant by a Participating Company, including salaries, wages, bonuses, incentive compensation, commissions, overtime pay and shift premiums, plus (ii) any pre-tax contributions made by the Participant under section 401(k) or 125 of the Code. "Compensation" shall exclude all non-cash items, moving or relocation allowances, cost-of-living equalization payments, car allowances, tuition reimbursements, imputed income attributable to cars or life insurance, severance pay, fringe benefits, contributions or benefits received under employee benefit plans, income attributable to the exercise of stock options, and similar items. The Committee shall determine whether a particular item is included in Compensation.
Compensation means wages, salaries, commissions and any other form of remuneration paid to employees for personal services.

Examples of Compensation in a sentence

The provisions of this clause with respect to payment do not apply to workers who are entitled to payment under the Workers' Compensation Act nor to workers whose injury or illness is the result of the worker's own misconduct.

For purposes of this Agreement, the term “Plan Administrator” means the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company or any different committee appointed by the Board of Directors as described more fully in Section 3.1 of the Plan.

The awards granted pursuant to this Agreement are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Company’s Executive Compensation Recoupment Policy (the “Recoupment Policy”), which permits the Company to recoup all or a portion of awards made to certain employees upon the occurrence of any Recoupment Event (as defined in the Recoupment Policy).

Services provided shall be in accordance with Worker’s Compensation regulations.

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Compensation means an Eligible Employee’s base straight time gross earnings, but exclusive of payments for incentive compensation, bonuses, payments for overtime and shift premium, equity compensation income and other similar compensation. The Administrator, in its discretion, may, on a uniform and nondiscriminatory basis, establish a different definition of Compensation for a subsequent Offering Period.
Compensation means all regular straight time gross earnings, excluding payments for overtime, shift premium, incentive compensation, incentive payments, bonuses, commissions and other compensation.
Compensation means the amounts received by the Participant from the Employer during a Plan Year.
Compensation means an Employee’s base salary from the Company or one or more Designated Parents or Subsidiaries, including such amounts of base salary as are deferred by the Employee: (i) under a qualified cash or deferred arrangement described in Section 401(k) of the Code; or (ii) to a plan qualified under Section 125 of the Code. “Compensation” does not include overtime, bonuses, annual awards, other incentive payments, reimbursements or other expense allowances, fringe benefits (cash or non-cash), moving expenses, deferred compensation, contributions (other than contributions described in the first sentence) made on the Employee’s behalf by the Company or one or more Designated Parents or Subsidiaries under any employee benefit or welfare plan now or hereafter established, and any other payments not specifically referenced in the first sentence.
Compensation means any form of remuneration paid to an employee for personal services.
Compensation means:
Compensation means the retainer and fees paid to a Participant (prior to reduction for Deferrals made under this Plan) for serving as a member of the Board of any Participating Fund or as a member of any committee or subcommittee of such Board.