Gross compensation definition

Gross compensation means the total amount of a Participant's Compensation, including advisory service fees, but excluding compensation earned on the sales of certain insurance products through H.D. Vest Insurance Services, unreduced by any amount.

Examples of Gross compensation in a sentence

Gross compensation shall be deemed to have been received by you, and we shall receive our commission thereof, if such gross income is received, directly or indirectly, by you or by any other party or entity for you or on your behalf, or by any party or entity which furnished your services.

Gross compensation (OCC 11), including overtime, will be accrued through the end of each month.

The Total Hours Worked multiplied by Hourly Rate of Pay is equal to Gross compensation.( Special Note: The hourly rate of pay can only have two places after the decimal.

Gross compensation shall include commissions and bonuses earned by the Distributor pursuant to the Life Rewards Plan as well as retail profits earned by Distributor for the sale of 4Life products.

The Total Hours Worked multiplied by Hourly Rate of Pay is equal to Gross compensation.

More Definitions of Gross compensation

Gross compensation. ’ means gross wages and benefits paid to or on behalf of employees receiving wages.
Gross compensation means all income of any kind derived from any of your activities (whether entered into prior to our representation of you), without the deduction of any cost or expense incurred by you.
Gross compensation means the 5-year average annual base salary plus annual bonus earned by the Executive from the Corporation during the last five (5) completed fiscal years of the Corporation immediately preceding the Executive's Date of Termination (annualized in the event Executive was not employed by the Corporation for the whole of any such fiscal year) as reported in the Executive's W-2 earnings.
Gross compensation means, generally, your Basic Compensation plus additional or supplementary earnings. Your Gross Compensation is used for purposes of computing your Employee Contributions as further described in the Employee Contributions Section.
Gross compensation means gross wages and benefits paid to or
Gross compensation means every form of remuneration payable for a given
Gross compensation means the Section 415 Compensation.