Exercise of Stock Options Sample Clauses

Exercise of Stock Options. The Stock Option exercise price may be paid in cash or, in the sole discretion of the Committee, by the delivery of shares of Common Stock then owned by the Participant, by the withholding of shares of Common Stock for which a Stock Option is exercisable, or by a combination of these methods. In the sole discretion of the Committee, payment may also be made by delivering a properly executed exercise notice to the Company together with a copy of irrevocable instructions to a broker to deliver promptly to the Company the amount of sale or loan proceeds to pay the exercise price. To facilitate the foregoing, the Company may enter into agreements for coordinated procedures with one or more brokerage firms. The Committee may prescribe any other method of paying the exercise price that it determines to be consistent with applicable law and the purpose of the Plan, including, without limitation, in lieu of the exercise of a Stock Option by delivery of shares of Common Stock then owned by a Participant, providing the Company with a notarized statement attesting to the number of shares owned by the Participant, where upon verification by the Company, the Company would issue to the Participant only the number of incremental shares to which the Participant is entitled upon exercise of the Stock Option. In determining which methods a Participant may utilize to pay the exercise price, the Committee may consider such factors as it determines are appropriate; provided, however, that with respect to ISOs, all such discretionary determinations by the Committee shall be made at the time of grant and specified in the Award Agreement.
Exercise of Stock Options. I hereby exercise the following Options in accordance with the terms of the Agreement (see over):
Exercise of Stock Options. Each Stock Option shall be exercisable during the Award Term to the extent provided under this Section 3.
Exercise of Stock Options. Except as hereinafter provided, the Participant may exercise these Options at any time after the Date of Grant, and according to the vesting schedule set forth on the previous page, provided that no exercise may occur subsequent to the close of business on the Date of Expiration. These Options may be exercised in whole or in part, but not for less than one hundred (100) Shares at any one time, unless fewer than one hundred (100) Shares then remain subject to the Options, and the Options are then being exercised as to all such remaining Shares.
Exercise of Stock Options. Executive's rights to vested but unexercised stock options will continue for a period of one year after early termination (provided that the terms of any option grant agreement shall not be extended by this provision), except in the case of a termination for Cause pursuant to Section 5.1.4 or without Good Reason pursuant to Section 5.1.2.
Exercise of Stock Options. All Stock Options which vest may be exercised through full payment of the exercise price:
Exercise of Stock Options. During the term of this agreement except for Termination for Cause, Executive shall be entitled to exercise any options granted to him during the course of employment with Company. In the event of Death, Change of Control, Voluntary Termination or Non-Renewal, Executive shall have the right to exercise all options granted to him prior to the date of termination or non-renewal. In the event of death, the options granted to the Executive shall be exercisable by the Executive's beneficiary.
Exercise of Stock Options. Employee may hold options (“Options”) issued under the Equity Incentive Plan. Employer shall take no action to facilitate a transaction involving a Change In Control unless it has taken such action as may be necessary to ensure that Employee has the opportunity to exercise all Options he may then hold, at a time and in a manner that shall give Employee the opportunity to sell or exchange the securities of Employer acquired upon exercise of his Options, if any (the “Acquired Securities”), at the earliest time and in the most advantageous manner any holder of the same class of securities as the Acquired Securities is able to sell or exchange such securities in connection with such Change In Control. Employer acknowledges that its covenants in the preceding sentence (the “Covenants”) are reasonable and necessary in order to protect the legitimate interests of Employer in maintaining Employee as one of its employees and that any violation of the Covenants by Employer would result in irreparable injuries to Employee, and Employer therefore acknowledges that in the event of any violation of the Covenants by Employer or its directors, officers or employees, or any of their respective agents, Employee shall be entitled to obtain from any court of competent jurisdiction temporary, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief in order to (i) obtain specific performance of the Covenants, (ii) obtain specific performance of the exercise of his Options and the sale or exchange of the Acquired Securities in the advantageous manner contemplated above or (iii) prevent violation of the Covenants; provided that nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to prejudice Employee’s rights to damages for violation of the Covenants.