Clause 10 definition

Clause 10. Add the following sub clause 10.11: The Consultant shall be responsible for the payment of all wages and costs associated with this contract in accordance with the relevant awards and/or agreements prevailing which shall include any additional cost as a result of a special site agreement zone and/or disability allowances etc., in force at the date of this Work Order or subsequently prevailing. The Consultant shall be responsible to ensure that all its employees engaged in or on the works are paid on time and in accordance with site agreements, statutory requirements, workplace agreement and/or relevant awards. Should the Consultant fail to discharge this responsibility and a dispute occurs involving CATCON in any delay, loss or expense then the Consultant will be responsible for the cost occasioned by such delay, loss or expense and such cost will be recoverable from the Consultant and may be deducted from any monies due to him under this subcontract. Clause 12: Add the following sub clause 12.4: In relation to awards and working hours the Consultant; the Consultant shall not carry out any part of the subcontract works outside of normal working hours without the prior consent of CATCON or unless CATCON considers it necessary in order to maintain the construction schedule and requests the Consultant to do so. The cost of all overtime shall be borne by the Consultant except where CATCON expressly agrees to pay for the same. Clause 13: Add the following sub clause 13.4: CATCON shall not be liable upon any claim by the Consultant whether arising under or out of or in the course of the Contract or for breach, or in tort, quasi-contract or for breach of a statutory duty or for statutory liability, unless the claim, together with full particulars thereof, is lodged in writing with CATCON not later than thirty days after the date of the occurrence of the events or circumstances on which the claim is based. This clause shall not however apply to claims for extensions of time for completion or to claims for payment to the Consultant of an amount or amounts forming part of the Contract Sum.
Clause 10. Choice of registered officeapplicable law – competence
Clause 10. “levy” means “charge” or “apply” and in the circumstances means charging reasonable costs to store the Goods.

Examples of Clause 10 in a sentence

  • For transportation of imported goods offered from abroad, relevant instructions as incorporated under GCC Clause 10 shall be followed.

  • Any modification of the bidding documents listed in Sub-Clause 9.1, which may become necessary as a result of the pre-bid meeting shall be made by the Employer exclusively through the issue of an Addendum pursuant to Clause 10 or through the minutes of the pre-bid meeting.

  • Unless otherwise indicated in the BDS, Consultants shall enclose their original technical proposal described in ITB Clause 10, in one sealed envelope marked “ORIGINAL - TECHNICAL PROPOSAL”, and the original of their financial proposal in another sealed envelope marked “ORIGINAL - FINANCIAL PROPOSAL”, sealing them all in an outer envelope marked “ORIGINAL BID”.

  • Except as may be otherwise agreed under GCC Clause 10, payments under this Contract shall not exceed the ceiling specified in the SCC.

  • To determine each bidder’s compliance with the documents prescribed in ITB Clause 10, the BAC shall open the first envelope (Technical Proposal) and check the submitted documents of each bidder in accordance with ITB Clause10.2 to ascertain if they are all present, using a non-discretionary “pass/fail” criterion.

  • Any action under Clause 10 “Performance Security” and Clauses 21,23,24 & 25 “Insurance” of sorts.

  • The tenderers shall submit their tenders as per the instructions contained in GIT Clause 10.

  • See “Prevailing Wage Rates – Public Works and Building Services Contracts’ in Appendix B, Clause 10, OGS General Specifications.

  • Price variation will be calculated similarly and separately for extra items and / or excess quantities and provisional sums calculated under Sub Clause 10 (b)A (i)&(ii) and Sub Clause 10 (b) B(ii) based on the above formula/formulae in Annexure-I as and when mentioned in Special conditions of contract; IO and WO being the indices applicable to the date on which the rates under Sub Clause 10 (a)A (i)&(ii) and Sub Clause 10 (a) B(iii) are fixed.

  • The set of bidding documents comprises the documents listed below and addenda issued in accordance with Clause 10 of ITB.

More Definitions of Clause 10

Clause 10. The Second Party shall نلع ةق نأ يناثمل رلمل رقي : رشاعلا دنبلا ررــق ،ةــق مل ل ــه هوــنالله ماــك أ لــك نــهف ض ـــم لـــو مل اـــلع ـــفل اـــهالله مل ـــتملال ةق مل ل ه جووالله .ل رلمل اةم إقومل .نيفرلمل ل ق نم يلع يقوتمل نت declare that he has understood all the provisions and clauses herein, decided to commit thereto and agreed to work for some time for the First Party under such Contract signed by the parties.
Clause 10 means clause 10 of the Principal Deed;
Clause 10. “amplification” means enlarging a previous statement and in the circumstances means enlarging the content of the statements set out in the clause before.

Related to Clause 10

  • Clause means a clause of this Agreement;

  • EU Standard Contractual Clauses means the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission in Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2021/914 of 4 June 2021 on standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to third countries pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, as applicable (referencing Module 2: Transfer Controller to Processor) and as may be amended or replaced by the European Commission from time-to-time;

  • Finance Documents means these Terms and Conditions, the Agency Agreement and any other document designated by the Issuer and the Agent as a Finance Document.

  • Standard Contractual Clauses means the agreement executed by and between Customer and Okta and included herein, pursuant to the European Commission’s decision (C(2010)593) of 5 February 2010 on Standard Contractual Clauses for the transfer of personal data to processors established in third countries which do not ensure an adequate level of data protection.

  • Finance Document means this Agreement, any Fee Letter, any Accession Letter, any Resignation Letter and any other document designated as such by the Agent and the Company.

  • Security Party means the Borrowers, the Corporate Guarantor, the Shareholder or any other person who may at any time be a party to any of the Security Documents (other than the Banks);

  • Relevant Provisions means, in respect of the Determination Agent, the provisions of the Determination Agency Agreement, the Trust Deed, and the Conditions.

  • Clauses means these contractual clauses, which are a free-standing document that does not incorporate commercial business terms established by the parties under separate commercial arrangements. The details of the transfer (as well as the personal data covered) are specified in Annex B, which forms an integral part of the clauses.

  • Scope Document means the document (if any) that is provided with and becomes part of the Order Form and which defines sometimes in conjunction with a Service Description (as applicable) the Services to be provided.

  • Trust Deed means the Trust Deed dated December 9, 2002 of UTI Mutual Fund.

  • Conveyance Documents has the meaning set forth in Section 2.02(a).

  • Deed of Charge means the English law deed of charge that may be entered into between the Guarantor and the Representative of the Covered Bondholders (acting on behalf of the Covered Bondholders and the Other Creditors);

  • subclause means subclause of the Clause in which the term is used;

  • GST Law means the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth).

  • Utilisation means a utilisation of the Facility.