Utilisation definition

Utilisation means a utilisation of the Facility.
Utilisation means a utilisation of a Facility.
Utilisation means the utilisation of the Facility.

Examples of Utilisation in a sentence

  • If the conditions set out in Clause 4 ( Conditions of Utilisation) and 5.1 (Delivery of a Utilisation Request) to 5.3 (Currency and amount) above have been met, each Lender shall make its participation in the Loan available by the Utilisation Date through its Facility Office.

  • The currency specified in the Utilisation Request must be US dollars.

  • Subject to this Clause 9, the first Interest Period for the Loan shall start on the Utilisation Date and end on the first Payment Date and each subsequent Interest Period for the Loan shall start on the last day of the preceding Payment Date and end on the immediately following Payment Date.

  • Any person specified as its authorised signatory under Schedule 2 (Conditions precedent) or paragraph (v) of Clause 18.4 (Information: miscellaneous) is authorised to sign the Utilisation Request (in the case of the Borrower only) and other notices on its behalf.

  • The Borrower shall, on the Utilisation Date, pay to the Agent (for the account of each Original Lender) a non-refundable closing fee (the “Closing Fee”) in an amount of US$400,000, being one per cent.

More Definitions of Utilisation

Utilisation means a Loan.
Utilisation means a Loan or a Letter of Credit.
Utilisation means the utilisation of a Facility under this Agreement, whether by way of an Advance, the issue of a Documentary Credit or the establishment of any Ancillary Facility.
Utilisation. ’, in relation to land, means the use of land for a purpose or the improvement of land, whether lawful or not;
Utilisation means a utilisation of all or part of the Commitment under this Agreement.
Utilisation means conserving, using, enhancing, and developing fisheries resources to enable people to provide for their social, economic, and cultural well-being.
Utilisation means an utilisation of the Facility.