Caseworker definition

Caseworker means a PCSA, PCPA or PNA staff person who is responsible for provision of protective services or supportive services to the child and his parent, guardian, custodian or substitute caregiver.
Caseworker means a person other than a Supervisor who:
Caseworker means an employee who is not a Supervisor, but who is a fee- earner who regularly undertakes criminal defence work to whom a specific caseload of Contract Work is allocated and is responsible for the progression of those cases, within their specific caseload, under supervision. Caseworker includes paralegals;

Examples of Caseworker in a sentence

  • The review meetings require all parties involved to attend (Guest, Host, PAFRAS Caseworker and LASSN staff member).

More Definitions of Caseworker

Caseworker means the person who works directly with children, their families, and other relevant individuals and who has primary responsibility for the development, implementation, and review of the agency’s service plans for the child and parents; or who completes foster care or adoptive family home studies or supervises foster family or adoptive placements; or who supervises children placed in approved supervised apartment living arrangements.
Caseworker means the Caseworker for a Child in care. This is defined in Foster Group Care Services licensure rules in 441 Iowa Admin. Code ch. 114 and in Child Placing Agencies’ licensure rules for Supervised Apartment Living in 441 Iowa Admin. Code ch. 108. For Child Welfare Emergency Services a Caseworker shall be the person primarily responsible for Service Planning for the Child and being the point of contact for the Child’s Family and Referring Worker. All Caseworkers shall be responsible for coordination with referral sources and coordination of services to a Child.
Caseworker means a Child Welfare employee assigned primary responsibility for a child or young adult served by Child Welfare.¶
Caseworker means an employee of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services or Federally Recognized Tribe, authorized to provide specialized case management services to neglected, abused or exploited children and their families and to children in care or custody.
Caseworker means any staff of the facility who is primarily responsible for planning for individual children, a family, or groups, as well as coordination with referral sources and coordination of services to the individual.
Caseworker means the individual who coordinates the services and placement-related activities for the BRS client with the BRS contractor and BRS provider.